Pyramid Art


Pyramid Art

By Mark Dolamore 

This presentation is seeded with bright words, leading to pictures and nuggets of interest, clarifying what needs to be understood.

The first thing to note is this Pyramid of symbols has nothing to do with Egypt, but it does have ancient roots, though not in the way you'd expect. More than a decorative piece of art, it's an actual discovery that owes its existence to an enchanting observation we all experience occasionally. So, as the product of perception research, the Pyramid straddles a frontier with science, making its implications both broad and profound.

My influences were Carl Jung’s psychological ideas together with prolific experience of synchronicity, which I used as an observation technique to direct this systems art breakthrough and in a nutshell explain why we perceive the magic of timelessness, how to get more and put it to some good use.

Humanity now, you and I, are out of balance with the planet because down through the ages humanity has left the knock on effects of our actions unconsidered. To address that failing, a revolution in thinking about the timeless dimension and the mind's connection to it is needed. The evidence revealed through the unique methodology of the Pyramid is, I believe, key to the holistic paradigm, which can save civilization from itself and multiply our individual creative powers simultaneously.

The Pyramid triptych is a simple mathematical system capturing a sublime beauty to demonstrate the new vision. Because of its conceptual parameters it's also capable of bridging the gap in science, concerning a theory of mind, referred to as "the hard problem". So, though certainly not easy to grasp, Pyramid art is definitely worth the effort of trying.

As I mentioned, the Pyramid was built by following the guiding prompts of the Jungian observational phenomenon synchronicity. After a long, self organised training process where I built up to a large daily number of incidents, they guided my construction of a mandala. This Jewel Mandala or JM is where the two variants of a rather obscure binary coded data set are combined, through a simple formula, to reveal the symbolism as a pattern of interference between them.

So far so good as a way of smoking out the timeless truth of the unconscious, because one of the source codes was designed by an individual in ancient China, while the other was created by the European translator of the religious philosophy they originate from. Hence, where their systematic combination reveals the essence of timelessness, according to the modern, conventional world view, nothing really meaningful should exist. The statistical probability of such an outcome occurring by chance is vanishingly small and no link between man and nature, as a transpersonal force of mind has ever been defined scientifically, though it is a religious article of faith. So, if such significant meaning is revealed, then Pyramid Art provides "mathematical proof" of our innate connection with timelessness.

This becomes obvious in the central imagery of the pyramid, where the first and last letters of the alphabet appear. The symbolism suggests a guide or map, while a butterfly flying west overhead, appears refers to the butterfly effect. Similar, complex and descriptive meaning is found everywhere in the Pyramid, the more you look... representing proof of our conditioning by a unified intelligence of nature, referred to by Carl Jung as Unus Mundus. This abstract force of nature must be responsible for intuition and creativity, chance and evolution, the hive mind or collective unconscious and for the workings of my observational process, using synchronicity as a guide. In other words, the Pyramid demonstrates synergy with "God" and how to tune ourselves in to him.

Back in the 1980's, science identified a non-local force (defying relativity), acting within the quantum field. My work suggests its "timeless dimension" is integral to the way the mind works, and voluntary feedback confers what we think of as "supernatural powers". Effectively, the Pyramid provides the means to develop a magical relationship with nature through this language, which cannot be human, but neither is it totally alien. It belongs to the Collective Unconscious.

The Pyramid Art system is founded on ancient, binary, Taoist symbolism. A Taoist devotee to the development of spirit, was said to tread the path of Li. Li is the Chinese term given to the alchemical element fire, or a rising emanation of meaning in things, where it was said, answers come from Left and Right (L&R). I refer to the answering source perceived through synchronicity as Elandar... See what I did there?

Sooner or later we all notice Elandar working in our lives, through weird phenomena like déjà vu and synchronicity. We mostly dismiss such impressions because they challenge the rational vision by which we assume life functions normally. However, rational anomalies remain and what's sensible there is altered from time to time by new insights.

I was put in the position to pursue some when my awareness was transformed through my spontaneous initiation into the path of fire. The experience began at a time of crisis. It deepened on a daily basis to answer questions and pose more, so I pursued this thread. After four years it had transformed my life and art by moving me from London to São Paulo Brazil, where the Pyramid came to light. In all this, I walked-on alone because I soon realised, nobody else could mediate or explain; nor would I blank out the experience or subscribe to religious dogmatism. In view of my experience, I believe I'm uniquely qualified to offer those who wish to pursue such feedback, a thread of their own to follow via my art experiment: Using a remote physics laboratory, it exploits your link to Elandar, so you can tune-in and then share insight, as a work of art generated by the website.

Albert Einstein, author of quantum mechanics, said: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we've created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. That ongoing amnesia is the product of our failure to develop synergy with the source of our own creativity. That's why it can so easily atrophy or lock itself in to a mannered loop. It's also why I'm convinced we should inspect the gift more closely. Problem is, we've largely displaced sacredness, as a concept in the day to day, with a spiritual eclecticism or dogma, rights and responsibilities, all of which distract from a fundamental disconnect. Such disconnection from sacred nature sets us adrift by living under the thrall, rather than in conscious synergy with the hive mind. Humanity needs help from somewhere. Civilization is in a perilous situation, carrying a heavy load, while balanced on a tightrope, feeling blind for the next step.

The problem of developing a vision, a guiding sense, through an alien force of mind, somewhere hidden within us and in everything, arises because despite all the clues, the ego always makes us think such a power manipulating us from beyond our senses, must be an illusion and we really are free agents. The assumption is reinforced by every law governing society, but what if the spiritual freedom we think we possess isn’t possible, due to the unknown mechanics of the quantum universe as it relates to the source of all ideas...the workings of the mind, about which science knows almost nothing? Wouldn't it then be an ignominious state of affairs to pursue even our own wishes, if as suspected they're unconsciously manipulated by parasitic intelligence that may be set on causing us harm... if only to get noticed and listened to?

On the other hand, were individuals able to recognise and somehow recognise and tame Elandar this transpersonal force of mind, by developing conscious synergy, could a mutually beneficial liaison emerge? Who will ever know? It's highly unlikely to happen because, as things stand, the relationship of the hive mind to the individual remains one of parasite and host and we're oblivious to the critical nature of our situation. What's needed is a revolution in consciousness. That's where Pyramid Art can help. It represents mathematical evidence for an underlying force of mind beyond the individual, proof also for our potential to develop benign, creative partnership, to achieve what we think of as genius. I suggest this is the paradigm shift needed, if civilisation is to survive itself.

Great Modern Art captures an impression of something unseen. Pyramid Art goes one vital step further because it's generated by a simple logic you can contemplate in your own time, to expose to yourself what’s normally hidden. Here lies the realistic possibility of your own personal breakthrough to timelessness. I offer you that sensational experience, if you'll play along, because to make any headway, obstacles must be cleared via feedback.

My Pyramid art was produced by combining information only attributable to a sublime force of nature. I was guided by synchronicity to the information stored mathematically in an obscure pair of binary code sequences. The conventional mind sees this combination as arbitrary, so in its view the Pyramid should be meaningless, but since it's coherently meaningful at every level, convention must be wrong, just like flat-Earth thinkers were, if you know what I mean.

Shakespeare most famously said it best in the play Julius Caesar, when he wrote: "The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings". But, once we're conscious of Elandar, he can work for us, by entering into synergy. As a graphic example, consider this challenge to your intelligence, suggesting the hive mind wishes to commune with you 121 and provoke the flowering of your genius. Give yourself a minute, a pen and a blank sheet of paper. Now draw a butterfly with four wings, a body, head and antennae, using just five straight lines. Make the beast look alive and in flight.

Now look at the middle, when the Pyramid's in the point north position, the arrow pointing east, with letter 'N' at the centre suggests a spiritual compass. The instrument points to a representation of transformative feedback, known as the Butterfly Effect. The butterfly is "drawn" like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times. It describes the butterfly I requested of you above. When the compass arrow is turned to point north and the art points west, as in the red outlined central imagery of the Pyramid, it symbolises a new frontier. The first and last letters of the Roman alphabet... signify a map or guide, while the butterfly, now above, magically appears to change direction 180 degrees. Remember, this symbolism was produced through a simple system, governed by a formula I designed in just a few minutes, guided by synchroncity.

The middle component of the triptych, this Jewel Mandala or JM, is the crucial part of the system. It's a schematic arrangement of psychological archetypes, the eight ancient Chinese, alchemical elements, positioned in a numbered sequence reflecting progress, balance and opposition. The JM is the window where the source codes are converted to symbols. These codes come from the world's oldest constantly used book, a pre-scientific vision of man and nature, known as the I Ching, or "The Book of Changes". The lower code strip of binary coded data contributes to the mathematical system as the most familiar hexagram sequence, named after King Wen. In contrast, the upper code, by Richard Wilhelm, the index arrangement from his twentieth century translation, is unknown in its pictured form. Roughly three thousand years separates them and neither author could have deliberately hidden the Pyramid in his work... by which we can conclude, whether we like it or not, nature's creative force manipulated the authors' minds and by extension manipulates all of us unconsciously, in the manner of a hive mind. The implications are inspiring and threatening in equal measure: Trans-personal purpose is available for us to discover on the one hand, but on the other, the individual freedom we think we posses, must be an illusion. Ironically, perhaps the only freedom we could own then, is to pursue conscious synergy or not. By the same token, if humanity knowingly continues in delusion, our civilization doesn't deserve to survive. That's why I urge you try to kick start your guiding relationship.

Ancient civilisation celebrated such feedback in its conception of genius. But the scientific mindset has hijacked and modified the meaning of the word and simultaneously failed to formulate a theory of mind, connecting the individual to nature, because that might validate the animist ideas its logical vision has always tried to banish from our world view. Consequently, science has no theory to explain how the mind works and never will, unless it recognises our timeless connection to nature, as a force of mind working away in real-time. Being scientifically minded and intuitively inspired, while oblivious of nature's mind force within, must limit our creative intelligence. I propose my Pyramid Art, resulting from my conscious alliance with timelessness, is proof of ancient thinking about the source of human genius, but it has to be said, I'm no Einstein... yet I was chosen to bring this Pyramid to light. You have to ask: What might you be chosen to discover by developing the synergy I speak of?

Those individuals who came up with the source codes for my art, must have been chosen by the sublime force of timelessness. If we trust life and the mind is the product of a benign and interconnected universe, our supreme purpose must be positive evolution in tune, by allowing it to choose us as a vehicle. Through conscious re-connection there is also the prospect of spiritual immortality. However, one or two things stand in the way. No matter how we may consider the source of truth and beauty to something good, the knowledge of our unconscious manipulation by an unseen entity challenges our sense of justice, hence the age old confusion about free will, the supernatural, God and the devil.

Synchronicity sent me on a winding path through this whole minefield. The process began with difficulty. There were tests to overcome. Through them I was motivated to push ahead by my love of a holistic agency I had become conscious of, pulling at my strings. Since prehistoric times, until about one thousand years ago, starting in the Islamic world, when in his quest for truth, mankind developed the scientific method, a relationship to the Gods, or the "Great Spirit" out there was keenly sought by the brightest among us. It's time to tack back now and reinvest ourselves in light of my discovery. After all, the motto inscribed at the spiritual source of western civilisation, the temple of Apollo at Delphi, is the crux of the quest we all must subscribe to as a matter of personal integrity: "know thyself". What in truth is our real-time relationship to nature, which created you as an individual, as if by accident? The Pyramid clarifies the labyrinthine confusion of forces at work by knotting together threads of the puzzle; Eastern and Western, ancient and modern.

Elandar's creative force, nature's self organised intelligence, can offer direction only when recognised and pursued. Scientific scepticism and logic has its value, but that also is limited and it's created imbalance that effects us all now by turning our heads away from recognising there's something magical to tune in to. Yet logically, it's imperative for the future of mankind we find synergy with nature. We are the junior partners, so how do we intend to become receptive through our undeveloped senses? Clearly, a perceptual upgrade is needed. That's what I think the Pyramid represents. Any of the symbols suggests meaning, firstly through the cartoon-like image produced by the mathematical system, then as a combination of I Ching hexagrams. I have considered these things exhaustively, but my personal feedback was responsible for revealing it in the first place. Only your own personal feedback with nature will allow you to develop the perceptual upgrade and inspire your trust in this course of action. We all possess that latent link to nature, but have you the courage to develop it?

In the 1980's, science discovered a timeless force operating within the Quantum Field (QF), which is everywhere, even within the mind. More than 99.9% of the volume of our physical reality is QF nothingness within atoms. Your body and brain contain trillions of them, and so the total volume of what you think of as the essential you, consists almost entirely of nothingness. In brain studies, there's also medical scan evidence to confirm something influences us before we even become aware of our own ideas. If the universe is the holistic quantum phenomenon physical science proclaims, then your mind must work at that level, reflecting something eternal. If we are all aspects of nature's self organised beauty, then we are not individually free and what we think of as freedom is a mirage, constructed by our overly favourable opinion of our abilities and importance. The only true freedom we could attain, ironically, is a voluntary partnership with the force of timelessness, so as to overwrite the unconscious manipulation nature imposes by default. I've shown, through my discovery of the Pyramid, how nature holds us in its thrall. At the same time, I've also shown nature awaits our conscious collaboration. This prospect of synergy requires your investment of care and development of love.

Einstein, the archetypal genius said: "Intuition is the only real valuable thing." He made best use of it to formulate his theories and transform our notion of reality. With first hand experience of synchronicity and a little fine tuning I believe we can all transform ourselves through the timeless quantum dimension.

Changing the collective vision in this way is only possible, one mind at a time. Note how the meaning of the central imagery of the Pyramid changes when turned 90 degrees to point west. The compass image points north now and resembles the first and last letters of the modern, Roman alphabet, recalling the Alpha & Omega metaphor, first and last letters of the ancient Greek alphabet, badge of the Biblical Messiah. The butterfly soars above now, having changed direction 180 degrees to fly west... so where did the 90 degrees extra gyration come from? Symbolically the image suggests transformed perception through a whole other dimension of the mind, the synergy frontier to be explored.

The prospect of an alliance with nature's hidden beauty moved me to embark on my quest for a new art. It culminated in the Jewel Mandala (JM), the middle image of the triptych. I named it the 'Jewel', because it looks like a cut gem. Each of the 28 lines represents two hexagrams. In addition, there are eight circles, representing hexagrams with identical upper and lower trigrams. The JM unlocks the binary coded data. The importance of the JM was confirmed by apocalyptic synchronicity around the world at the beginning and end of my creative time frame, over a long weekend. The first confirming event was an unforecast weather event, the Michael Fish storm, which ravaged my homeland. This was followed three days later by the stock market crash Black Monday, when the symbolism emerged.

Oscar Wilde said: "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life." Sir Kenneth Clarke in his 1969 TV series Civilisation said: "All art is in one way or another about the search for God”. Albert Einstein said: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we've created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. I've not forgotten it and nor should you. My artistic process used synchronicity to produce the Pyramid... but from the beginning I had only faith some method to the madness would carry me through.

You’ll be vaguely aware of the effects of timelessness in your dreams, déjà vu, Freudian slips, synchronicity, intuition and more. If channelling these things to a magical goal can work as it did in my case, then considering such effects seriously, as a form of guidance from nature, isn't the madness it sounds, while the failure to do so is the real reason the planet is in a pickle.

I'm sure I'm not the first to experience timeless nature as a power of mind. I am however the first to bring forth mathematical proof for my synergy relationship. I've also devised a fun, fascinating, collaborative art I invite you to co-create (no drawing skill required). By taking part, you'll naturally tune-in to timelessness, because this art employs a form of synchronicity on demand, harnessing the quantum field. I trust this will develop your synergy in ways you cannot imagine, because it happened like that for me. Look out for that and keep your feet on the ground. Join now.