Pyramid Art


Pyramid Art

By Mark Dolamore 

The creative process at the heart of the Pyramid is a magical kind of feedback with nature, called synchronicity. We all occasionally get these sacred moments, along with other anomalies of awareness, such as déjà vu. Shouldn't we be valuing these things, not forgetting them?

At a point in my late twenties an overnight transformation of consciousness wouldn't allow me to forget. Synchronicity just kept building and at one point reached hundreds of events every day. While shocking and confusing at first, those signs told me to move from London to São Paulo Brazil, which is where I unearthed this first, true, fine-art discovery since the renaissance.

Synchronicity betrays a level of reality materialist thinking alone, will never crack. By its own admission it's the "Hard Problem", characterised by the failure of science to formulate a theory of mind. But the Pyramid can save the day and renew our vision because it brings previously hidden information to light.

Just as bright words on this page link to pictures and greater definition, apocalyptic beauty percolates from the holistic core of being, making this systems art triptych project the persona of timelessness. In other words it's a display of natural genius; showcasing my synergy with space-time. Here's proof:

To begin with, complex meaning is clearly there in the central imagery of the Pyramid, where you see the A and Z monogram. That's significant and remarkable because the symbols are put together as a systematic combination of archaic binary code sequences. They're transcribed in a novel way, using a mandala structure, which acts like graph paper on which the symbols are plotted. It's all part of the mathematical system I created using synchronicity as my guide.

Here's the thing: Science would have you believe the universe is an organised structure, obeying laws set at random and not by any form of supreme being. Logic dictates, in such a "randomly arranged" universe, only randomness would emerge from the process I outline above. Certainly no significant meaning concerning the nature of being itself would be likely. But that is precisely what comes out, obviously in the middle and throughout this language, the more you look. So, what could be going on?

The fact my creative process centres on feedback with space-time is key. It must mean there is some timeless and ubiquitous force of mind to feedback with. Science says the universe is a quantum phenomenon. Experiments have confirmed, the quantum field (the connected, void space within atoms) expresses a timeless force, which defies relativity. That force would logically be responsible for synchronicity in a meeting of matter, movement and mind. Such a confluence would be able to crack the mind theory problem and a lot more besides... if it can be adopted.

The void makes up more than 99% of the volume of all matter here on Earth, including brain matter... from where it must unconsciously influence our intuitive thoughts. My Pyramid Art discovery confirms the universal void has a benign agenda we can learn to listen to. This planet is in a perilous situation. We certainly need help from somewhere.

Synchronicity had become the dominant feature of my awareness by my early thirties, so I was positioned to use it as an observation technique directing my artistic enquiry into timelessness. To find out how and why the transformation occurred, tap the gold pyramid in the header at the top of this page. It's the back-story to this deceptively simple mathematical system.

The two binary hexagram codes the Pyramid is extracted from, are found only in one, western, twentieth century translation of an ancient oriental philosophy. The I Ching is the world's oldest constantly used book. As such, the meaning revealed in the Pyramid is proof mathematical of a timeless intelligence, working unconsciously in and beyond the individual, throughout the ages. This source of creative impetus can be none other than the quantum field. It links all creativity back to one, abstract ancestor.

The very fact we are normally unaware of his force, cannot be a good thing. For starters, he comes across as spooky when we do glimpse him. As a result we recoil in horror and confusion and then promptly forget the apparent manipulation, while we reassert the ego as sole possessor of self... rather than develop synergy, to see what marvels might emerge.

The first stepping stones on your tuning-in track are available now as part of my "Papolona" art experiment. You're invited to become a co-artist, but you don't need any drawing skill. Tap the butterfly button in the header and compose some pertinent question(s) about where your life could go from here.

Its important now for humanity to face the hidden truth of our unconscious connection to nature by tuning-in to timelessness. After all, only through developing my synchronicity feedback was I able to uncover momentous meaning where reason insists there should be none.

What I'm talking about is the signature of timelessness found in the central imagery of the Pyramid, were the beginning and end of the modern, Roman alphabet appears as a monogram. The symbolism suggests the map to navigate a labyrinth. London is the prime, physical example, but what about the spiritual labyrinth of life and our purpose within a timeless plan?

Pyramid Art proves there must be a cosmic plan. Given the context then, the AZ symbolism is also an update to the Biblical Alpha & Omega, beginning and end of the ancient Greek alphabet. That was the symbolism early Christianity used to represent the liberator, or messiah.. Above it is a butterfly in flight, referring to liberty, the butterfly effect and timeless beauty as a living beast. The beast is drawn like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times.

All this meaning is singularly profound, given it's purely the product of coded information, systematically unscrambled through a simple formula using the Jewel Mandala. And all of it is the product of guidance from my synchronicity. Is it much of a stretch for you to accept the Pyramid can re-focus your vision of timelessness and endow you with similar powers.

While I know deep satisfaction will emerge from your synergy, once you develop it, all I can do is implant this idea and offer you some tools. You can follow through, if you try. You may already have experienced the stirrings of the mystery I'm talking about, as a beguiling and apocalyptic form of beauty. That is what shines through the Pyramid, as a catalyst for real-time partnership with the ancestor. I have to say, I think chronic myopia, when turning out attention to timelessness, is at the root of all human woes, hence my mission; to offer Pyramid Art as the corrective lens.

Kenneth Clarke, in his magnum opus "Civilization," said: "All art is in one way or another, about the search for God." Well, eurika! I offer graphic proof of the abstract, intuitive force synonymous with the Collective Unconscious, the hive mind of man. To emphasise the inspiring potential, Albert Einstein, the quintessential, scientific genius, author of quantum mechanics, said: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we've created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. The ongoing amnesia stems from our failure to develop synergy with the source of our own creativity.

The Pyramid came into being because of my persistence in pursuit of feedback with space-time. The relationship began overnight and developed into an apprenticeship. After some years and miles of travel, I reached a point where I was guided to create the mathematical system, using these antique, oriental binary code sequences, called hexagrams in a formula combining the very first and last to be published. That's a period spanning virtually the whole of human civilization; twenty eight hundred years. The system extracts this language of timelessness. Do you think maybe learning to read it might be worth some effort?