Pyramid Art


Pyramid Art

By Mark Dolamore 

Just as bright words here link to pictures and deeper definition, great art expresses something unseen, capable of transforming your worldview. The Pyramid shines with just such beauty.

Inspired by Carl Jung's ideas, the Pyramid comes from a piece of systems art in three parts, known as a triptych. It's this whole thing that answers the crucial question Jung posed humanity: Are we related to anything infinite or not? If we're not, nothing we do really matters, but if we are, everything we do really matters.

The Pyramid is therefore, the most meaningful discovery ever. It's certainly the first one in fine art since the renaissance. Back then it was one point perspective, something artists could use in crafting the illusion of space. This one is useful to build your conception and appreciation of sublime beauty, which is more useful than you'd think.

Because it's mathematical, far from being an impression or expressionistic invention, Pyramid Art is a concept representing evidence for my personal synergy with the great ancestor, a hidden dimension we can think of as timelessness. If I can do it, so can you and in the end it's the only thing that can save us.

How so?

The Pyramid emerged from an observation technique I pioneered that is markedly different from other ways of looking, because it guided me in a cumulative way, through feedback with space-time, via the phenomenon Carl Jung named synchronicity. It verifies my claim to synergy with nature as a result of this pursuit, because it reveals the persona of the abstract within this discovered language, which in technical terms, can only belong to nature at large and our collective unconscious together, something normally masked by the ego. No other art or science possesses such magic or the potential to leverage synergy with the holistic essence of nature and something North American Indians referred to as "The Great Spirit".

To begin with, the central imagery of the Pyramid consists of the A and Z monogram, overflown by a butterfly. That's remarkably descriptive and messianic, given these images are as unlikely as a room full of monkeys dancing on typewriters is to produce the complete works of Shakespeare. You see, they're built as a systematic combination of two archaic, binary coded data sets, using a mandala structure to generate an interference pattern between one, which is relatively modern and the other, decidedly ancient. You can be sure then, the meaning exposed in the symbolism belongs to a timeless entity, hidden within our nature since the beginning. The Jewel Mandala acts like graph paper, so his language is plotted using this mathematical system.

The meaning contained in these images reflects the channelling quality of the observational process I used to discover them. It's really simple: I asked questions in my head and they were answered on the fly, by meaningful coincidences in my environment. That's how I observed timelessness as my real-time guide. My mission is to initiate you into this form of guidance if you want it. The problem is, in my experience, this kind of magic arrives as a jolt to your world vision.

We all occasionally experience synchronicity in a limited way, along with other anomalies of awareness, like déjà vu. These moments, the more one considers them, steer us closer to synergy with space-time. Few have followed the path because, generally speaking we're dismissive rather than curious about such weird, transient effects. Conventional wisdom denies they can lead anywhere, but on the evidence Pyramid Art provides, of meaning where there should be none, that prejudice must finally go.

The very existence of the Pyramid begs two questions: Why does such weirdness exist in the first place; and... How can you know if the perception of guidance from timelessness I claim to have pursued, is real or not, were you begin to experience the same?

At one point I began following synchronicity to find out the truth. It all kicked off at the age of twenty seven when the change of awareness overtook me. The phenomenon then just kept building. Some years later, at the peak, it reached hundreds of events per day. While shocking and confusing at first, I stuck to the task, while it moved me from London to São Paulo Brazil. Pyramid Art came to light there. The gold header button tells my story.

Synchronicity is the spiritual experience that betrays a level of mind materialist thinking will never grasp. It belongs to what neuroscience refers to as the "Hard Problem", characterising its failure to formulate a theory of mind explaining all our mental abilities and potentials. The Pyramid represents a watershed there because it reveals shocking information from the unconscious, contradicting cherished assumptions using simple mathematics... and numbers don't lie.

You need to be aware why this art has such monumental significance, so bare with me now while I jump to a seemingly unconnected area of science.

Here's the thing: Free will is not as free as the conscious ego would like to think. Consider the mind effects of parapraxis and déjà vu and you'll understand. On top of that, while evidence to the contrary stares us in the face, the whole system supporting the concept of free will is rigged, and we refuse to acknowledge this, simply because conventional thinking sees nothing wrong. The result is that modern science has its knickers in such a twist on this issue; it must have you believe in a fantasy concept i.e. the multiverse. This is a preposterous doctrine first proposed by Hugh Everett, back in 1954 in his graduate thesis, then summarily bolted on to the scientific cannon by the establishment to explain away the Anthropic Principle; the observed fact our universe is finely tuned to produce life and reasoning intelligence, such as ours.

At the time, the ethically truthful, but vehemently godless foundation of science, having remained untested, had been safe since the age of reason by virtue of its evidence based system of knowledge gathering. In the mid-nineteen-fifties that godless status was challenged by Fred Hoyle, the theoretical astrophysicist who discovered the fusion process, creating carbon within stars, is so finely tuned and so unlikely, it could not be the product of chance organisation, so carbon based life, such as ours and indeed, the entire universe, must have been designed by a cosmic intellect, i.e. God. The multiverse concept was a way for cosmological science to double down and trump that idea. However, its adoption was simply a perverse gamble motivated by entrenched atheism and not by any proven fact, since evidence to support the multiverse theory is impossible to acquire. Worse still, it has put the future of all life at risk. We have disturbed the balance of the planet because the tactic worked, Hoyle was ignored and the hegemony of scientific godlessness was maintained. It's a big deal because our world vision continues to be corrupted by its deceit.

The multiverse concept apparently defines the limits of our rationality. Essentially, the idea imagines ours is just one of an infinite number of universes, whose laws are determined by chance. Remember, this is a doctrine preferred by the arbiters of scientific truth, so they can maintain, despite evidence to the contrary, our universe obeys laws set at random and not by a supreme being, and this way they avoid having to investigate him.

Logic dictates, if ours is a randomly arranged universe, only meaningless shapes would result from my pattern making system. Remember, I followed chance synchronicity events as signposts to create the Pyramid. According to conventional wisdom then, no revelation concerning a creative force at the heart of reality would be likely to emerge from my process, yet that's precisely what happened. It's obvious in the central imagery of the pyramid and occurs throughout this language, the more you look. You'll notice, all the corners are symbols for Christ and the whole sequence tells a story you can buy into.

So, what could be going on?

The fact my creative process centred on synchronicity as the expression of my feedback with space-time, is key. Conscious feedback of this kind implies an unconscious intelligence underlying reality exists to feedback with, in order to find the working synergy I claim.

What if chance only appears to be random because conventional wisdom is blind to its pattern? What if that pattern is the only thing that can save us from ourselves by activating a hidden quality of the mind, the ability to find synergy with nature at the level of timelessness?

Where can we focus our attention to find this cure?

Physics says the whole universe is a quantum phenomenon. Experiments have confirmed, the quantum field, the connected void within atoms, which includes the void between the stars and galaxies of the entire universe, presents a non-local force involved in quantum entanglement, a curious phenomenon that defies relativity. We also know that force is psychoactive because the results of experiments hinge on the intentions of the scientists who carry them out. It implies this non-local force never needs to travel anywhere because it acts everywhere simultaneously and it influences us unconsciously. Essentially it's a timeless dimension we are unaware of in real life... but come to think of it, sometimes it does break through to consciousness in events like déjà vu and it would naturally be responsible for synchronicity and all the mind's creative functions. The point is it would be very useful if we found a way to synergise with it.

My Pyramid and the meaning it reveals, relied on tuning-in to timelessness. It's the proof we are capable of waking up to the timeless dimension. I predict doing it en-mass will lift humanity out of the crisis we're in, by developing a kind of genius in synergy with nature. On the other hand, failure... I think you know the rest.

The very existence of meaning expressed through my art by a hidden force of nature, given its systematic and mathematical structure, suggests there must be a cosmic plan for each of us, set within a timeless dimension we can individually tune-in to. In that context the AZ symbol in the central imagery of the Pyramid suggests the source, its goal and the map to navigate the labyrinth of existence. It's also an update to the Biblical Alpha & Omega, beginning and end of the ancient Greek alphabet. That was the symbolism early Christianity used to represent the liberator, or messiah. Above is a butterfly in flight, referring to metamorphosis, liberation, the butterfly effect and timeless beauty as a living beast; which by the way, is drawn like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times. That alone is a graphic indicator of intelligence beyond.

The quantum void makes up more than 99% of the volume of physical matter here on Earth, including our brain matter, from where its force must continually influence our thoughts, whether we realise it or not. The ego self normally suppresses it, whereas responding to its clues as feedback amplifies its force.

Planet Earth is in a perilous situation and we need help from somewhere now because "expert" thinking is not immune to the corruption infecting all elites; the people and systems that have gotten us into our current mess.

Synchronicity had become the dominant feature of my awareness by the age of thirty, so I was positioned to use it as an observation technique to direct my artistic enquiry into timelessness when I moved from London to São Paulo Brazil. This move then came to fruition through a creative episode, bracketed by global synchronicity in 1987: The Great October storm and Black Monday, revealing the Pyramid as an interference pattern between two binary hexagram codes found in a western, twentieth century translation of an ancient, oriental philosophy.

The I Ching is the world's oldest constantly used book. As such, the meaning revealed by the Pyramid is proof mathematical of a timeless intellect, working towards something through the ages. His creative force emanates from both within and beyond the individual, where we also find the quantum field. His force of mind, when tuned-in to, would then link all creativity, human or otherwise, back to the sublime ancestor; the eternal Yang to our mortal Yin. So, here's a question to consider:

Would deliberate action in synergy with timelessness, bestow merit on its actors for eternity? It stands to reason it would, and the opposite must also be true.

The fact we are normally unaware of the ancestor cannot therefore, be a good thing. For starters he comes across as spooky when we do catch a glimpse, so we recoil in horror and confusion, then promptly forget those "incidents" while the ego reasserts itself as sole possessor of self. The alternative would be to do as I did: Love, listen, follow and develop synergy over time, so a marvel might emerge.

While I know deep satisfaction will come from your synergy with the ancestor, once you develop it, all I can do is implant these ideas and offer initiation and development tools, once you sign up. You may already have experienced the stirrings of the mystery I'm talking about, as an apocalyptic form of beauty. This shines through the Pyramid for your contemplation as a catalyst for conscious partnership.

The eminent art historian, Kenneth Clarke, in his magnum opus: "Civilization," said: "All art is in one way or another, about the search for God." Well, eureka! I offer graphic proof of the abstract force synonymous with the Collective Unconscious, the hive mind, or Divine spirit in man. To emphasise the need for a revolution of consciousness now, here's a quote from Albert Einstein, the quintessential Genius:

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we've created a society honouring the servant that forgets the gift”. The ongoing amnesia stems from our failure to develop working synergy with the source of our own creativity.

To reform mankind's abusive relationship to nature, requires we transform our thinking by tuning individual intuition in to timelessness as both an inspirational and self limiting force. I offer my "Papolona" art project for that purpose. You're invited to become a co-artist, though no artistic skill is needed. A willingness to accept the intuitive mind and adapt to its prompting is essential though. While you're in this mode, you can also learn the language of The Pyramid. Click this link to or the butterfly button in this page header, then compose some honest question(s) to start your ball rolling. You'll receive clues by which to interact with the ancestor via the quantum field. Allow them to stimulate and guide your vision and with a little practice, the process will uncannily engage and tune your synergy with space-time.

Make contact via and I'll guide you through the first few steps.