Pyramid Art

29. Danger.

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Above: The Difficult (4)
Below: The Difficult (4)

Water, as an alchemical metaphor, represents the soul locked within the body, truth (the light) locked within the weakness of (the dark) flesh.

Through repeated experience of danger, one becomes tempered by circumstances. Water symbolises danger. It never looses its essential character on its journey to the sea. Emulating water, one becomes like the danger itself. If one is sincere when confronted with danger, the heart can penetrate the meaning of the situation.

As your mastery of a problem is acquired, the actions you take to counter it will succeed. When navigating your way through perilous times, thoroughness and relentlessness are essential. Procrastination is the enemy.

Goodness must be an established character trait rather than an occasional concern. The spiritually superior person walks on in virtue bringing enlightenment to the world.

When teaching others, consistency is the key.