Pyramid Art

30. Synergy.

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Above: The Astute (5)
Below: The Astute (5)

The Hexagram’s Chinese name ‘Li’ means brightness, nature in its radiance, to be conditioned by or depend on something.

This is the alchemical element fire. Fire clings to a burning object. The metaphor of fire signifies a vital, bright, rising emanation of things. Everything that shines, be it the sun, the beauty of a tree or the wisdom of a spiritually evolved person, must have something from which it emanates, otherwise the light shining forth would soon become exhausted. The sun clings to heaven, trees cling to the earth. The clarity of the spiritually superior person clings to what is right.

Human life is not truly free but is conditioned by the concepts it clings to. When a person recognises the limitation of conditioning and learns to depend only on the harmony of the universal truth within, success comes into view.

It is said: “Care of the cow brings good fortune”. By cultivating this character of compliance as a voluntary dependence on the timeless abstract, synergy with the universe carries through his work.