Pyramid Art

33. Refuge.

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Above: The Creative (7)
Below: The Tenacious (1)

Hostile forces are in the ascendant, so it’s right now to seek refuge.

Wickedness will come to an end, so we shouldn’t exhaust our strength in futile struggle with it. Taking strategic refuge should not be confused with the instinct to run away from danger.

There is a right time and circumstance for taking refuge to keep inferior things at bay. Such cannot be achieved through bitter anger, but only with cool reserve. This is the proper attitude of the spiritually evolved person to the climbing inferior who seeks to take the upper hand.

The superior retreats into thought while the inferior approaches. The superior does not hate the inferior for that would entail binding involvement. The creative strength of the superior person is in bringing the inferior to a standstill through a dignified reserve. One should not abandon the field of battle, but instead make things difficult for opposing forces through calculated acts of resistance.

There is great meaning hidden here.