Pyramid Art

37. Family.

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Above: The Gentle (3)
Below: The Astute (5)

The lines of the hexagram, like the members of a family, are in their appropriate places. The strong is in the strong place and the yielding in the weak place. It’s said the influence that goes out from the family is like the draft created by a fire. The loyalty and perseverance of the wife brings to it proper virtues, hence when the family comes into order, all social relationships will be reasonable.

The importance of the family lies in its influence. Hot air rises, drawing cool air in from below, creating a constant draft. The family is a model for society, an engine for the advancement of civilization. Home ground makes the practice of moral duty easier because it is connected through natural affection. This makes the family the most important of training grounds for society at large. Civilization is, in effect, the sum of family influence converging to carry humanity forward.