Pyramid Art

04. Inexperience.

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Above: The Tenacious (1)
Below: The Difficult (4)

This situation indicates a lack of wisdom. Experience encourages the growth of wisdom but traumatic experiences can stunt growth. Softening the impact of challenging circumstances speeds us towards our due destiny by allowing wisdom to take root sooner.

The metaphor: A spring at the foot of the mountain, describes water seeking its course stops where it encounters a hollow, before flowing on. Stagnation is avoided and the water eventually finds its destination. Water is like the creative man. It does not know what it will encounter on its way to the sea.

The time of inexperience is not a mistake, provided we adopt the right attitude to guidance. While questioning the guide, modesty, receptivity and awareness of our inexperience are apt. Perseverance then brings about the desired success. When the guide is respected doubts can be resolved, but if we continually disrespect, misfortune follows.