Pyramid Art

43. Breakthrough.

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Above: The Joyous (2)
Below: The Creative (7)

Breakthrough comes after accumulated tension, when inferior people loose their grip and the truth emerges from determined action.

Passion and wisdom can’t cohabit because they vie for ascendancy, but their struggle is necessary if good is to prevail. In the struggle of superior against inferior, certain rules find success:

1. Tenacity must be rooted in strength and kindliness.
2. No compromise with wickedness is possible.
3. Evil under all circumstances must be openly discredited.
4. Ones own shortcomings should not be glossed over.
5. The struggle must not be pursued by force.

If we trade blows with wickedness we become entangled. Failing to dominate malevolence through wisdom, instead of conquering, we become infected by it. But if we combat our own faults by energetically replacing them with more evolved qualities, then all goes well.

It is said at the time of breakthrough it is unwise to rest on our virtues. It is always wise to help those below us. If a person piles up benefits only for themselves, without consideration of all others, they must certainly suffer a collapse of some kind. In the cyclic nature of things, all gathering is followed by dispersion. In developing our character then, one should take care not to become obstinate, but remain receptive to circumstances through continuous self-examination.