Pyramid Art

47. Adversity.

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Above: The Joyous (2)
Below: The Difficult (4)

The value of superior people goes unrecognised. They’re held down by the mass of posturing inferior people. Success can only be gained through perseverance.
You may have something important to express but you’re not taken seriously. For the time being influence is denied you, and since your words have no effect, use them sparingly.

Adversity heaped upon virtuous people makes them respond to become great. Such people remain cheerful in the face of difficulty. This spiritual strength is the source of their eventual success. In this way great people make their own luck, but they are not responsible for it.

If you let your spirit be exhausted by circumstances, there’s no chance of success. When you’re able to adapt to adversity, you react in a way that will manifest your greatness in the fullness of time. That’s the miracle no inferior person can work.

Address the timeless abstract with an offering and prepare for action. The life of the spiritually evolved person is devoted to a promise held within.