Pyramid Art

48. The Source.

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Above: The Difficult (4)
Below: The Gentle (3)

Generations come and go. All enjoy life in its abundance. Cities may move and politics change, but that which meets the basic needs of the people, is changeless. The spiritual source of life is timeless and exists for all to draw upon. There are two fundamentals for civilization to observe:

1. Consider its foundations because a superficial ordering leaving the deepest needs of humanity unsatisfied ends in disorder.

2. Carelessness is a disaster waiting to happen, such as when military strength is used unnecessarily. The calamity the investment in defence seeks to guard against becomes manifest.

Individuals may differ in education and disposition but human nature remains the same. The divine is like a vision, a thread leading out of the labyrinth of the inferior world. Lacking reflection on the thread of life’s lessons, you might fail to develop your vision, being blinded by convention. A partial education of this sort is worse than ignorance.
Once formal learning comes to an end, continue inner development or you’ll never reach your due destiny, and remember the evolved person supports alliances.