Pyramid Art

54. Affection.

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In ancient China, monogamy was the formal rule, but marriage was considered more as a contract between families where the duties between husband and wife extended also to the husband’s more personal inclinations of affection.

The relationships that developed, where another woman followed him into the household as a concubine required her to behave as a younger sister to his chief partner. This situation sets the theme here, where both affection and duty brings people together as a unit.

Behave with caution and reserve, and don’t undertake things that could upset the good order of the house lest relationships become unsustainable.

Spontaneous affection is the essential principle for unity and is of the highest importance, since it reflects the union of heaven and earth, the origin of nature. But one should understand transitory events in the light of the eternal goal.

Wrong turns occur in every relationship between individuals. Endless misunderstandings and disagreements may result if the eternal goal is not kept in mind. If one allows the situation to drift, union may come to grief.

Fixing your mind on timelessness avoids the hidden reefs waiting to wreck our close relationships.