Pyramid Art

58. Happiness.

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Above: The Joyous (2)
Below: The Joyous (2)

True happiness is founded on strength within, gently manifesting outwardly.

People, who stimulate each other to find joy and satisfaction in each other’s company, apply one of life’s essential truths. A joyous mood can be infectious, but true happiness must be resolute and not a mere amusement.

Truth and strength must dwell in your heart to reveal itself through relationships. You then have the right attitude towards fellows and the timeless abstract, to achieve something which gladdens both.

The hearts of people are won with kindliness. Intimidation can get things done, but unlike joy people resist it. On the other hand they willingly take on even hardships where a quiet joy prevails, and if need be, may even brave the possibility of death; such is its power.