Pyramid Art

61. Inner Truth.

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Above: The Gentle (3)
Below: The Joyous (2)

Something invisible now manifests itself.

The theme of this hexagram concerns the heart free of prejudice, open to truth. Such quality establishes mutual confidence and makes achievement possible.

Where dealing with pig-headed people, the secret of success lies in finding the right approach. One must rid oneself of all prejudice and climb into the character of a person to understand them. our force of personality can then get to work. If through perceptive skill you discover no real obstacles, any objective might be successful.

The force of inner truth is unlike personal intimacy or allegiance, for all such familiarity is based on common interest, which holds only up to the point where it ceases. The closest of friendships can then turn contemptuous.

When the bond between people is based on determination for what is right, it can triumph over everything. Spiritually evolved people judge others by acquiring an appreciation of their circumstances and putting themselves in their shoes. Justice in ancient China was guided by this principle of deep understanding with the ability to pardon. This had the advantage of making justice treasured by all of society, since it sprang from both clarity and humanity.