Pyramid Art

08. Union.

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Above: The Difficult (4)
Below: The Receptive (8)

Streams merge to form rivers flowing to the ocean. People unite in order to complement and aid one another towards a common goal. A central figure around which to unite must be found. Such a person must possess consistency and greatness of spirit.

We should all ask ourselves if we have the calling for an undertaking before we try to move it forward. If we have no real calling we will make the situation worse. However, someone must lead and when there’s a calling for others to join, gradually even uncertain people come on-board.

There is a right time to form relationships within a group. Latecomers may not share the experiences binding the movement, finding themselves marginalized.

The power of any group lies in its organization guaranteeing individual best interest is served through the union. Fundamental sincerity is the proper basis for all binding relationships.