Pyramid Art


Pyramid Art

By Mark Dolamore 

For an overview, go to this short text.

The Pyramid is the world's fist art discovery. It mathematically proves beauty is an objective phenomenon we could tune-in to consciously.

Sir Kenneth Clarke, in his TV series "Civilization", said: "All art is in one way or another about the search for God." God and the truth behind what we perceive as beauty are one and the same.

Art movements since the mid-nineteenth century have employed intuitive perception research in the attempt to reveal this truth. The Pyramid is the result of my inquiry into the immaterial, observational phenomenon we perceive as meaningful coincidences. Carl Jung called this class of events synchronicity. These "perceptions" descended so abundantly at a point in my late twenties, I was forced to reassess everything I thought I knew, or wanted from life. My artistic transformation then came about as the consequence of what I experienced as feedback from the timeless dimension,

Pyramid Art, as a systems piece, was created by reconfiguring Bronze-Age binary coded data using a simple formula designed by following the clues synchronicity provided, when asked, once I became fully tuned-in. The triptych reveals the spiritual character of this force of mind. I'm calling it nature's, living spirit of beauty because that's what fits my experience. As a timeless creative force everywhere, this largely unconscious form of intelligence could transform civilization and bring in a golden age of sustainably, if we learned to develop conscious synergy as I did. Pyramid Art then, represents a progressive tool without which sustainability probably isn't possible. Why else would proof of that perennial spirit become revealed now, just when we desperately need its help?

In a nutshell, synchronicity occurring daily over four years, guided me to discover the Pyramid. I claim it's the first discovery in fine art because I can't think of another that can vie with anything scientific. I suppose one point perspective comes close, but it was not invented by an artist, but by Filippo Brunelleschi, the renaissance, Florentine architect.

Pyramid Art reveals a timeless, universal spirit the status quo denies is real. It highlights this blind spot of consciousness responsible for civilization's current crisis. I would compare the situation to the mental blockage we refer to as flat-earth thinking, which held humanity back for centuries prior to Columbus. Pyramid Art gives us hope, an abiding truth will become revealed, beyond the current status quo horizon.

In creating the Pyramid, my method centered on a change of perception that descended overnight in my late twenties. I woke up to find myself infected by the unexplained Jungian phenomenon called synchronicity, formerly known as divine grace. Pyramid Art reveals the human state of mind we think of as spiritual, is founded on a hidden reality science neither acknowledges nor has the temerity to research, hence the ground's been left open to this systems artist and to all who will take-up my challenge and become co-artists.

Heightened sensibility to timelessness brought me a pleasurable sense of belonging to something sublime. I believe anyone could get the same benefit. The Romans called it genius and even today, it's something we can tune in to.

The Pyramid was discovered by developing my sense of belonging to something beautiful, great and spiritual beyond materiality. Crucially, the art employs a simple mathematical system proving this theory, because it generates evidence for my synergy as something real, able to inform a theory of perception and mind. Such a theory of consciousness is so astonishingly absent from our collective worldview, even neuroscience has failed us, referring to it as "the hard problem". The Pyramid can clarify our vision when we buy into its implied proposition.

The artwork is a triptych that allows the viewer to investigate the origin of its uniquely, non-human language, for the purpose of gaining insight into the forces that created us and what life and everything means, beyond mere perpetuation.

My method drew this language out from nature's timeless dimension, first by becoming receptive through synchronicity in my daily experience. The process enabled the abstract spirit of the universe to draw his self-portrait. The image came out as a classic symbol representing beauty, metamorphosis and elusiveness. It's a butterfly with four wings, a head, body and antennae, pictured fluttering to the west, above the first and last letters of the Roman alphabet. The image is drawn like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times. In this respect, it is unique among the Pyramid's five-line pictograms. Due to the fact all the symbols are built and positioned systematically, it means this one's appearance in the central imagery of the Pyramid, can only have been intended by the spirit of beauty it depicts.

In any event, such strategic, complex and coherent meaning should not have been revealed by my method if the materialist paradigm is correct, because according to its world view, meaningful coincidences are merely random and therefore, can lead nowhere. The contradiction thrown up proves the bedrock of civilization: consciousness and reason, human desire and inspiration, creativity, love and our attraction to beauty are functional facets of an innate genius in nature, its hive mind, acting as a timeless unity.

Should we all try to consciously tune in by learning the Pyramid and following synchronicity as I did in pursuit of this new art? It's an unlikely prospect, but one I've proven works to literally generate a butterfly effect in one's life that can knock on to civilization generally. The quick and easy means to obtain synchronicity on demand is also provided at, so anyone can try.

The development of a conscious, synergy partnership with Papolona, nature's spirit of beauty, would make life more meaningful and it would ultimately engage humanity in the Gaia effect, so as to consolidate our sustainable future forevermore. However, before that can happen, our cold, materialistic world view needs to be warmed by something hot and holistic.

I am speaking of an unexplained force (natural magic) with long term, inescapable effects inherent in the true nature of reality. The Pyramid pictograms were apparently designed into oriental, binary-coded artifacts unconsciously by this force since they are intellectual constructs. One code is from the Bronze age and the other is from the twentieth century. I "downloaded" the Pyramid images into this time by combining the binary coded data through a formula I devised, directed by my personal perception research, which allowed me to see how we are all connected to the timeless spirit. His mind, secretly active within ours, both planted the complex information and led me to extract the symbols in a way that is demonstrable through the triptych by the viewer following my simple mathematical system.

The scenario proves materialism lacks something vital when the central imagery of the Pyramid turns out to represent a butterfly fluttering to the west above the first and last letters of the Roman alphabet. These images represent a self-portrait of the timeless spirit of beauty, expressed in every aspect of nature. We need a new paradigm to include that spirit in our everyday consciousness, without dredging-up superannuated religious doctrine, but allowing humanity to prioritize the development of synergy.

Most if not all art movements since the mid-nineteenth century have been inspired by perception research. The Pyramid is the result of my inquiry into the observational phenomenon called synchronicity. It descended overnight from a mental trauma I suffered in my late twenties and then grew in frequency and in my understanding, as guiding feedback from a timeless dimension; the only place science has identified a timeless force. This is the quantum world, where strangeness is "de-rigueur." It's not so strange if one considers the quantum field is the invisible component that occupies 99% or more of our familiar reality by volume, within the atom. Inevitably, we too are made of atoms.

I claim the Pyramid is the first fine art discovery because, in a nutshell, this systems triptych offers proof mathematical the spirit of beauty is both real and its origin is that strange and wonderful quantum world, where the mind is also connected, if only unconsciously. This is where beauty expresses itself to our consciousness via our intuitive mind and through the juxtaposition of events in time. This revelation of a universal intelligence, once removed from rational thought, is revealed in my art as something we can consciously synergise with and develop, if we become sufficiently receptive. That receptivity is not a given. We each have to find a way to tune-in. The pursuit of synchronicity as a guiding force was the path I followed and it's available to all via Pyramid Art.

Regular access to this essence of timelessness inspires creativity and distills a complete sense of meaning in life, through our questions, using metaphors to answer them. It can also block our understanding when we fail to ask or learn to interpret these conundrums constructively. That's the unfortunate situation facing mankind. We need receptivity to the heart of beauty in nature to move forward from where we are now, at a turning point, but we're blinded and befuddled by the clouded lens of our materialistic world vision.

Sustainability is the Big Question now. Humanity needs to find synergy with nature and pursue what James Lovelock called the Gaia effect. This idea of positive, creative feedback in synergy with nature isn't new, but we've been off-piste so long, it feels like a huge and to some, unnecessary change of tack. We ignore the positive potential of pursuing the Gaia effect because we cannot figure out its holistic nature and so, we can't bring ourselves to trust it, preferring to continue our efforts to exploit nature more and more, for what we think are benign ends, hoping we'll muddle through.

When events threatening our ambitions and comfortable way of life come into view, like climate change and Covid, we're reluctant to row back and seriously take stock, preferring a sticking plaster approach to solving the problem. In other words, we fail to compute the connection with our burgeoning numbers and delinquent, "normal" behavior. The contemplation of Pyramid Art would dynamically get us out of this indolent rut and back on track with Gaia, to feel happy about the sacrifices we'll need to make, going forward.

The Pyramid Art discovery was made through a prolonged period of personal feedback development in synergy with nature's timeless dimension. Who would not wish to replicate its dance of personal delight and penetrating insight? Developing creative intuition synergistically in this way would be essential to civilization's sustainability and the eventual happiness of humanity, but the reasoning mind cannot dance a step where it's deaf to the music.

The language of the Pyramid is generated mathematically, yet it contains perplexing meaning that should not exist if the materialist paradigm is correct. As a consequence, we must reassess everything we think we know, in the light of this revelation.

So what do those images signify?

Due to the way they're extracted from ancient binary codes, using a mathematical system dictated to me by synchronicity, they represent evidence for the effectiveness of my method, as a way of tuning in to the perennially hidden dimension we can think of as timelessness. AZ represents simultaneously, the center of things; the beginning and end, or timelessness as a guide, a thread leading out of the labyrinth of the material world. This symbol, seen together in the middle of the Pyramid below the image of a butterfly, represents the spirit of beauty: Papolona, like the Catalan word for butterfly. All this suggests there's a fertilizing beauty, an abstract and universal mind at the center of everything, working above and within us, across time and place. Pyramid Art is the proof we can become consciously guided by Him.

How could you tune-in?

My observational method in unearthing this discovery employed what Carl Jung defined as synchronicity. This spontaneous form of observation was formerly known as "divine grace". Though uncommon, evidently it has a guiding purpose, and because we've ignored it for so long, the consequential dangers are mounting. So, the question comes down to this: How do we all better observe synchronicity as a guide to life? I found one thing is true, the more of it one observes and follows, the more one receives. So, in effect, such pursuit would precipitate a human Gaia effect. This is our key to building a sustainable civilization, through feedback with the mind of nature Fred Hoyle referred to as the Supercalculating Intellect. Such guiding synergy would even counter the reasonable bungling that got us to the crisis we're in now, whereas more of the same can only sink us.

I pursued synchronicity as a form of guidance over a period of years, to the point where this art discovery popped out from my odyssey. According to the materialist paradigm, such guidance should not exist. But my art discovery exposes our human potential for real-time synergy with nature's innate intelligence, the mind of God if you will. In my view, a sustainable civilization cannot be built without this personal perspective, gained in real-time experience.

Reason yields error when it relies on false assumptions, as flat Earth thinking can attest. Science embedded within commerce and the moral imperatives we've adopted today, also deceives. We are fooled by the logical elegance and commercial necessity of these things and so our civilization, little by little has unbalanced nature. The Pyramid contains meaning from a timeless place as a result of my synchronicity pursuit, but we all experience this same mystery, in our own time and place; albeit infrequently. This suggests the need for people to understand my artistic vision to get their own unique revelation. Synchronicity is quite rare, but there's a way to get it on demand I'll share, to help you develop your synergy with timelessness and kick-start your personal Gaia effect.

We all need to expose the Matrix-like delusion that infects each one of us, the root cause of our indolent complacency. Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we’ve created a society honoring the servant that forgets the gift”.

Cosmological science might seem an irrelevance to "the man in the street", but back in the 1950's it invented the fictitious realm of parallel universes and this has cast a long, dark shadow. The ruse was intended to put an end to speculation about the existence of God by affirming that our universe has produced the miracle of life here on Earth, but since an infinite number of universes exist, all potentials are made possible, therefore life here is nothing special. The idea was to sanction the push of modernity through logical "scientific authority" without the need for spiritual reflection.

By denying the "magic" of this universe, research into it was arrested. The deceit has condemned us all to the dystopian future we face if we fail to reform the purely materialist paradigm science imposes in its rationality package. There's little time to change tack before we reach a tipping point, but a way is implied by Pyramid Art, which incorporates the holistic factor of timelessness and the quantum void source of beauty. All this is essential for us to grasp first hand if civilization is to get back on track.

The Pyramid pictograms are on the one hand designed logically, as a series of mathematical sets, extracted by formula from a pair of ancient binary coded data sequences. On the other hand, they represent magical, unintended meaning, easiest to recognize in the central imagery of the Pyramid where a butterfly is seen fluttering above the first and last letters of the alphabet combined. The source of this meaning is hidden everywhere in plain sight and I can teach you how to see it. The Pyramid discovery sprang from the intuitive observation technique I developed and originates in the Anthropic Principle. This is the idea the universe is designed by a timeless, holistic mind, not our own, to produce intelligence such as ours. Logically, it means its creative power flows through us, with some difficulty I might add, because it remains largely unconscious. If however, we learn to synergize consciously, through feedback (synchronicity) events we normally dismiss, an unexpected partnership arises. The aforementioned cosmological lie was invented to deny this "magical potential" by placing dead randomness at the center of existence instead.

The magical kinds of events I speak of can broadly be categorized as synchronicity. They're something everybody experiences once in a while, so we know we're all in the same boat so to speak. The term was coined by the late, great grandfather of psychoanalysis: Carl Jung, who published the book, back in 1960. Historically, prior to Jung, the experience was thought of as divine grace and so, though mysteriously prescient in character, it was more often dismissed as a mirage than fully considered. Now, because I deliberately made it my guide to creating Pyramid Art, you may reasonably contemplate its real implications, because without doubt the Pyramid represents mathematical evidence for a great, synergistic purpose mankind must work towards if we truly want to save the planet from our dark and indolent side.

My art reveals a disturbing, hidden truth that means free will is an illusion. An unconscious, "hive" mind really rules. Pyramid Art amounts to the language of this hidden dimension, under whose thrall we constantly dwell. Unexpectedly, developing this creative consciousness has a positive prospect, because it makes synergy with nature via the Gaia effect, possible.

For clarification about exactly what it all means and how to apply the Pyramid, read-on.

This systems art triptych exposes a natural synergy solution to the raft of human failings that have tipped the planet out of balance.

Personal perception research is the cornerstone of modern art movements from impressionism to surrealism and beyond. We must all become artists now, researchers in this mold. My research stems from the observational pursuit of a rare experience, which, nonetheless everyone gets from time to time. However, generally speaking, we tend to quickly forget its magic, and unless one thinks of well-known figures such as Siddhartha (the Buddha), Jesus, Mohammed or Paul the evangelist, on the road to Damascus, history gives few if any positive examples regarding synchronicity as an experience. In my own case, after four years following, it guided me to reconfigure ancient binary coded data to create the Pyramid Art triptych. One of those source codes, the bottom one, is three thousand years old, while the other is twentieth century. This confirms synchronicity involves a timeless dimension we are normally unconscious of. What I mean is, we all take for granted the four dimensions we inhabit and refer to as space-time, however, a hidden dimension inhabits us and can awaken revelation at the right time. None of us knows when in advance, but if we become so aware, it feels like the spirit of timelessness, or beauty has descended upon us. The spirit is something abstract, universal, intelligent and absolutely priceless.

Its secret meaning, exposed mathematically in the central imagery of the Pyramid proves the value of tuning ourselves in to this wavelength. The central symbolism depicts a butterfly flying above the first and last letters of the Roman alphabet. This imagery puts one in mind of beauty as the guide to life... and death, or immortality, beginning and end or alpha & omega, in Biblical terms.

Here, this revelation of messianic meaning where there should be none, according to the status quo, means the universe, life and everything, cannot be as science insists, the expression of the dead materiality of space-time. Instead, everything including life and of course you and I, must be secretly governed by the abstract, 5th dimension, where I took direction to discover the symbolism. This turns out to be the language for synergy with timelessness. Such a synergistic relationship with nature as can be negotiated through experience in the many must save us in the time to come if anything can. I've shown through my art discovery, it's within our reach.

The Pyramid possesses an uncanny beauty, built by observing directions from nature, through which I devised the mathematical system. Therefore, the art is proof positive wherever we experience nature's underlying beauty, it exists due to that psychoactive force. The symbolism was not invented but extracted, using a simple formula to combine binary coded data from ancient source codes. These I found in the oriental, holistic vision of man and nature, known as I Ching. So, the symbolism cannot have been contrived by myself nor the authors of those codes. It belongs to the deepest force of mind under whose thrall we unconsciously dwell and whose purpose for us, as individuals, we can now negotiate, should we choose to play ball.

The system was developed by internally questioning timelessness. He answered, mostly in real-time, via feedback, minute by minute and day after day. This receptive interaction blossomed over time. Synchronicity's guiding process, combined with the 'found data' forming part of an existing cultural artifact, gives evidence for the ubiquitous presence of a "divine" intelligence manipulating what we think of as our own mind, within space-time, and of the functional synergy He and I developed. You can replicate it, of that I'm sure. I'm not saying it will be easy; it certainly wasn't for me, but my work is here to facilitate your task.

Messianic meaning found in the central imagery of the Pyramid symbolizes beauty in the image of a butterfly flying west, above the first and last letters of the Roman alphabet. Now, logically, if the materialist world vision is correct, only random meaninglessness should appear from that mathematical mingling of codes. In other words, my peculiar observational guiding method gives proof for timelessness as a form of intelligence with intent, acting as a hive mind. The question is then: Would it be the wisest thing now to sacrifice your ego and pursue the synergistic engagement with nature that Lovelock called the Gaia effect?

Speaking of pyramids, those Bronze Age edifices of Egypt and their focus on the afterlife, are related. Look at the central imagery of the Pyramid at the 'Biblical' symbolism, where the first and last letters of the alphabet are overflown by a butterfly. These images were created by a mathematical system combining information from ancient Chinese binary coded data sets. So, the fact the imagery uncannily references God from both western and eastern sources, as a guide and a paragon of beauty, doubling as a metaphor for the spirit of nature, suggests my method engaged this great, sublime and immortal spirit that has moved man from ancient times and still does today, if only unconsciously.

Whatever it represents, all art has this same subject, defined by the observations, intuitions and technical skills of the artist expressing a vision of beauty received or conceived in the making process. Sir Kenneth Clarke, in his TV series "Civilization" also said: "All art is in one way or another about the search for God." In other words, man may only be redeemed by developing the love of beauty, like an artist, specifically this one.

I was brought up as an atheist within an "artistic family" on the maternal side, but my father was an engineer. He encouraged a scientific view of everything. My early life and memory, due to our annual pilgrimage to France, to visit my mother's side of the family, was perhaps enriched by beauty more than most and in many ways, this served as a substitute for religion well before the actual synergy descended in my late 20's. From that point, through its many twists and turns, my artistic development seems inexorably to have homed-in on this language from beyond.

Our general appreciation of the holistic nature of existence needs reform. In the words of Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we’ve created a society honoring the servant that forgets the gift”. Our self imposed servitude is the prison and the Pyramid our key to liberation.

Psychology refers to the hive mind as the collective unconscious. British astronomer and mathematician, Fred Hoyle referred to the "Super-calculating Intellect". It came to me in person as the cosmic butterfly I named Papolona. The artistic observation technique I exploited is different from anything you'll be used to. That is not the only reason why, in the thirty-odd years of my struggle to make the Pyramid known, I've faced massive misunderstanding. Now, however, through some simple techniques, your synergy relationship, direct with the Great Spirit of beauty can fly.

You may ask why put myself to the trouble? Well, for one thing, I developed the strange form of observation mentioned above, to the point where I can tune in to Papolona at will. I offer short-cut tools for you to do the same, because this ability is key to resolving the crisis we face collectively, going forward. My premise is this: If we fail as a species to access synergy, the Gaia effect will be denied us. In this case, we will become even further mired whatever direction we take. The Pyramid is, therefore, proposed as the key to a lateral form of human progress, without which the future looks very ugly.

Result of my exhaustive investigation in a highly psychological area of observation, spearheaded by Carl Jung, the Pyramid demonstrates there's nothing to fear from delving this deep in daily life, quite the reverse, there's everything to gain and an incomparable satisfaction awaits those who try. What may slightly scare you here is the fact this systems art is mathematical. But this also allows me to claim it as the first and only discovery in fine art and cite it as proof of principle for the needed creative revolution founded on natural feedback.

Being an acute observer, no doubt, you'll already have noticed a force outside the "ego-self" controls the unconscious mind, working through your weird impressions, "inspirational" deeds, dreams, déjà vu, serendipity and more. Problem is, reasonable people are in denial about this alien presence, mainly because nobody has fathomed the depth of the ongoing influence. Indeed, the modern mindset, conditioned by science, considers itself separate and disconnected from the rest of creation. For this reason, the source of mind effects is simultaneously regarded with only mild curiosity, but great suspicion. It is very confusing since they operate even while you're rational, in for example, the phenomenon known as parapraxis (Freudian slip). Nevertheless, in previous ages, the influence I speak of was venerated as divine, most famously in the west, at the temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Would you not agree, while such an influence operates on us at a subliminal level and remains disregarded, a humiliating state of affairs exists in the status quo? Shouldn't we attempt to discover our conscious synergy with the trans-personal spirit that's been "playing" mankind for millennia?

Pyramid Art emerged from the guiding thread I picked up in my experience of timelessness. From a shocking beginning, it took daily form in what Carl Jung named synchronicity. These events were truly magical and at the peak, there were hundreds in a day. The experience constitutes feedback and feedback has an amplifying effect. This came into play because I decided as far as possible, to follow such guidance towards a goal to be decided in partnership. In the process, my impression of entering a state of synergy with time, events and nature as a whole was inescapable and very satisfying, after the initial scariness wore off. Pyramid Art, as the result of this personal journey, represents proof our human connection to the Great Spirit of beauty can be developed in a goal-oriented manner, almost like a download from nature, producing a natural kind of genius. In other words, creative potential in tune with nature can be liberated by people tuning-in to Papolona, who then colours every aspect of this life with meaning.

What magic is this?

The facts are these: By extrapolation, every aspect of being has a common source, from the beginning of time. My process of following synchronicity as guidance from that origin in real-time, settled on a formula that exposed this common, creative spirit of timelessness at work within humanity's every situation. This was achieved by combining a very old binary coded data set with a modern arrangement from a twentieth-century translation by Richard Wilhelm, of an ancient Chinese classic. At about twice the age of the Bible, the I Ching is the oldest book in constant use. It's also the source of the modern binary code via Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The Pyramid symbolism is simply the interference pattern produced between those ancient and modern binary code sequences, by applying a short set of rules, a mathematical system, which vitally, includes a mandala structure. All my steps in that process were determined by following synchronicity. At one point, I even named the force I was following: Elandar, after the Taoist disciples path of fire (enlightenment), where it's said guidance comes from Left and Right (L&R). So, ultimately it was my act of pursuing that road that downloaded the symbolism, where messianic meaning is exposed in the central imagery of the Pyramid.

It turns out as the visual metaphor representing divine beauty in action. One of the symbols comprises the beginning and end of the modern Roman alphabet, echoing the alpha & omega of the Bible, the other is the five-line sketch of a butterfly in flight, expressed like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times. The rendering of beauty, symbolized as a butterfly, is complete with four wings, body, head and antennae. And the economy of line, it must be said, in art at least, betrays supreme, conceptual intelligence. This evidently belongs to the Great Spirit of Beauty, the cosmic artist.

If we were to wake up to Him, everything would change and progress, but at this point, it looks like he's tripping us over ourselves to get us searching for a way out of the mess we've created by disregarding Him. I suggest we stop now and take stock, before blundering on any further.

Pyramid Art is mathematically couched in those ancient codes that nobody, least of all me, could have calculated, therefore it must be classed as a definitive discovery of nature's timeless mind, in control of our creative thinking. But, if the materialist world view we're supposed to rationally live by is correct, such a spirit must be a delusion, because animating beauty is unthinkable within that mindset. But then again, because my method revealed its message from stored binary information that must have been placed where I found it by the same creative intelligence guiding me to it, the resulting meaning conveyed comes with the certainty we attach to mathematical logic as the reflection of universal truth, something we all must acknowledge. As such an evident contradiction, Pyramid Art highlights the failure of the status quo (the agreement we all have about the nature of reality) and offers the route to finding synergy with beauty, ultimately responsible for our evolution. Whether or not you're aware of it, "His" force must control the way the mind works 24/7 and civilization must be nudged along by "Him" over time, without us noticing. Therefore, our failure to "observe him" is the obstacle we must now overcome to truly establish the needed, synergy partnership.

You may think: Is it sensible to ponder or pursue such complexity and anyway, "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"? But then a vital question arises: Why would "He" reveal himself in a work of art, after such a long silence, if not because collectively, we need to follow his instructions to the next step of evolution to save his/our creation? Do you see the lifeline being thrown? Will you reach out and grasp it, or let it slip through your fingers, to go down with the Titanic mess humanity has made of this world?

Just as the bright words here link to pictures and deeper definition, great art reveals beauty from beyond mere appearance. Pyramid Art extracts beauty through a verifiable, systems approach by following directions provided by the Jungian observational phenomenon known as synchronicity. This weird perception occurs to everyone at some point, so in theory, anyone could pursue it, once eyes are opened and the path made clearer. But currently, our "reasonable" reflex is to dismiss such guiding meaning as a mirage. That's the perennial mistake, which means we never get onto the first step of ascension. What if you were to adopt the holistic view and consider synchronicity as feedback from the creative spirit of the universe and develop that side of yourself? Apropos, I've made this prospect easy to pursue when you join me as a co-artist at: All you need do is ask Papolona for guidance along your road and learn to read and pursue the answers.

Physics affirms the whole universe is a quantum phenomenon. I've found a way, using a remote laboratory link to the quantum field, to tune our intuition through a form of synchronicity on demand, so we can pursue synergy with Papolona in the same way I did to discover the Pyramid. However, like anything worthwhile, the technique requires conditioning, or practice, quite a lot of practice, truth be told.

Papolona (the Catalan word for butterfly) is an art to develop creative feedback with the Great Spirit, as the viable route to synergy and sustainability. The pictorial elements (papolona emblems) are produced robotically, so this pursuit requires no artistic skill per-se. Everyone can build their own insights through it, with a little sensitization and training. It's the honest desire to develop intuitive synergy with the universal spirit of beauty that matters. Do you agree that real-time partnership with nature is the only way humanity can save itself?

Through the influence of a scientific myth (the assertion there is no God), something vital was lost. In the words of perhaps the greatest scientific genius, Albert Einstein: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant, but we've created a society honoring the servant that forgets the gift”. Ergo, to cure ourselves of this amnesia, we need to re-jig our real-time relationship with a hidden influence within. Should we focus our attention on our failure to develop working synergy with the spiritual source of our own creativity? such perception research lies within the purview of fine art and is up to each individual. It's about the way we appreciate beauty.

Spontaneous synchronicity overtook me one night at the age of twenty-seven, with hundreds of events on some days thereafter. That's how I know it represents feedback and gives access to an abstract realm. The normal lack of discernment in this area of perception is exemplified by what neuroscience refers to as "The Hard Problem". That's the phrase they use to characterize the failure of science to explain how the mind works. On the other hand, the synergistically receptive and intuitive mind, thanks to my discovery of the Pyramid, can now be identified as the essential area to develop. But first, we must drop cherished assumptions about free will and that puts the cat among the pigeons, because we view it so preciously, as our source of "identity". When you drop the ego's assertion of free will from your belief system, you open your path to the development of your synergy relationship with nature i.e., something far more valuable than that false sense of freedom.

My tuning-in process took me on an artistic journey from London to São Paulo Brazil and on to Canada, where I married into the Trivial Pursuit clan. There it became clear something pernicious was in progress, so I returned to Brazil, then came back to Europe and ended up living in France. The gold header button tells how the Pyramid was discovered on that journey.

The basics are simple: Guidance appeared as metaphors in meaningful coincidences that provoked further questions in my head, and the daily conversation to clarify what needed doing went on thus. My questions were answered on the fly, usually in my immediate circumstances. This process equates to the abiding religious experience referred to in the Bible: "Ask and ye shall receive". But I was brought up as an atheist, so these functional dynamics came as a scary shock. The effect developed my devotion to understanding and building the synergy partnership with timelessness clear of religious distortions.

Whether or not you are religious, your spiritual vision, the one you consolidate through life's twists and turns, defines your moral identity. That's all we can ever really own. The ultimate development of art; the search for a spiritual kind of gold if you will, must ultimately become synergized with the immortal power of the universe to find that treasure. Pyramid Art, for the first time, offers proof of principle for the validity of such a quest through the personal development of a disregarded skill set.

In a nutshell, the Pyramid reveals how beauty, rather than being in the "eye" of the beholder, is a cosmic force, an ancestral intelligence that operates from the unconscious, from where it colours our personal logic to spark ideas and moods that condition our desires and perceptions, enchant our dreams and pull at our strings with weirdness in synchronicity, déjà vu, parapraxis etc. This means our appreciation of underlying beauty through positive feedback must eventually push aside the confusion that infects those who disregard the natural mechanism able to establish our creative partnership with nature, or else what's the point of existence?

So, let's take a closer look at the Pyramid as positive proof of this principle: The first thing to understand is it's a systems piece in three parts, like a medieval church triptych. Essentially this answers the big question Carl Jung posed mankind after the horror of WWII: Are we related to an infinite being or not? Graphically it confirms how feedback with cosmic beauty possesses psychoactive force throughout history, including your own, and this is something you can steer, once you recognize and strengthen your connection to Papolona by applying feedback (essentially, by acting on guidance you perceive) and thereby engaging in the butterfly effect or Gaia effect.

This language would be the catalyst to initiate a real-time relationship with the sublime, capable of teaching our tiny sorcerer's apprentice mentality a remedial trick. The idea is to apply something like a software patch, splicing synergy into our way of thinking.

How so?

The Pyramid emerged from my pioneering observation technique, which informs through the effect we all get on occasion and Carl Jung named synchronicity. It verifies my claim to having achieved synergy with space-time because the art reveals the persona of the Great Spirit through His original, "glyphic" imagery. In technical terms, such meaning can only belong to a holistic mind the unconscious inside you is already part of.

How can I be so sure?

It has to do with the nature of meaning revealed. To begin with, the central imagery of the Pyramid consists in the point north attitude of an arrow with the letter N, suggesting a compass and this points at the butterfly flying east. In the point west attitude that same symbol becomes the A and Z monogram, overflown by the butterfly (Papolona). That's remarkably descriptive and messianic, given these symbolic images are as likely as a room full of monkeys dancing on typewriters is to produce the complete works of Shakespeare. You see, they're built merely as a systematic combination of two alternative arrangements of a binary coded data set. By using a mandala structure the system produces an interference pattern. One of the binary code sequences is relatively modern, the other is decidedly ancient, but both authors are long dead. So, you can be sure the meaning exposed belongs not to the intention of any living human, but to a timeless entity, hidden within us and the fabric of space-time, which I observed and took instruction/intention from. The process of tuning in took some years and ultimately led to my creation of the Jewel Mandala. The structure acts like graph paper where the symbols are plotted via this mathematical system, so simple a five-year-old can understand it.

The meaning of the Pyramid reflects the channelling quality of my observational process, where I teamed up with timelessness. My mission is to expose the universal foundation of beauty so you can do that for yourself. Humanity needs to relate to this abstract being, this ancestor of life and everything. It may seem too late to avert the global disaster on our horizon, but in the end, the question is: are we astute enough as a species to grasp where we are going wrong and at least try to adapt? I personally doubt it, but it's nevertheless my mission to encourage such a change of heart. Political iniquity (as usual), egotism and greed have gotten us into the mess we're in. More of the same cannot get us out of it, because all these processes are blind to the unconscious roots of ideas. That's almost an insurmountable problem. Science does not even acknowledge the timeless dimension, nor that it's the source of a receptive intelligence amenable through sensitized intuition. Sensitization is definitely needed to open the perception and it would seem only a work of art can make it available... but there's still the mental block to overcome, which is why you should solve the conundrum: DUNCESLOSE.

We all experience synchronicity occasionally, along with other anomalies of awareness. The discovery of the Pyramid proves these effects steer us to synergy with space-time if we use them as signposts.

The very existence of the Pyramid begs two questions: Why do the psychological effects I mentioned surface in everyone from time to time? and... How can you know if the guidance I claim to have pursued is real or not, where you encounter the same?

To answer, you need to be aware why this art has such monumental significance, so bare with me now while I jump to a seemingly unconnected area of science.

Here's the thing: Free will is not what the conscious ego thinks it is. Consider the mind effects of parapraxis and déjà vu and you'll understand. On top of that, while evidence to the contrary stares us in the face, the whole "rational system" supporting the concept of free will is blinkered and we refuse to acknowledge this, simply because convention sees nothing wrong. But in failing to value a transcendental light glimpsed through this tangled thicket, we've shut off our ability to develop conscious synergy with nature... the paradigm shift that could save us from ourselves. Modern science has its knickers in such a twist on this issue; it must close your mind, by proposing a fantasy concept: The Multiverse. This preposterous doctrine first appeared in Hugh Everett's graduate thesis, back in 1954. It was then summarily bolted on to the scientific canon to explain away the Anthropic Principle; the observed fact our universe is finely tuned to produce life and reasoning intelligence, such as ours.

At the time, the ethically truthful, but vehemently godless foundation of scientific thinking, having remained untested, had been safe from attack since the age of reason by virtue of its evidence-based knowledge gathering system. So far so good from a humanistic standpoint, but in the mid-nineteen-fifties, the status quo was challenged by Fred Hoyle. He was the theoretical astrophysicist who discovered the fusion process, creating carbon within stars, is so finely tuned and so unlikely, it could not be the product of mere chance organisation, so carbon-based life, such as ours and indeed, the entire universe, must have been designed by a cosmic intellect, i.e. God.

The multiverse concept was a way for cosmological science to "trump" that idea. However, its adoption was simply a perverse gamble, motivated by entrenched atheism and not by any proven fact, since evidence to support the theory is impossible to acquire. Worse still, it has put the future of life here at risk. We have disturbed the balance of the planet so comprehensively because the tactic worked, Hoyle was ignored and the hegemony of scientific godlessness was maintained. It's a big deal because our world vision continues to be corrupted by this institutionalized deceit.

The multiverse concept apparently defines the useful limits of reason, which to promote scientific logic/prejudice, has decided ours is just one of an infinite number of universes, whose laws are determined by chance. Remember, this is a doctrine preferred by the arbiters of scientific truth, so they can maintain, despite evidence to the contrary, our universe obeys laws set at random and not by a supreme being. This way the need to investigate Him can be sidestepped and any more inconvenient evidence to highlight scientific taboos would be unlikely to emerge.

Logic also dictates if ours is a randomly arranged universe, only meaningless shapes would result from my artistic, pattern making system. Remember, I followed synchronicity or "chance events" as signposts to create the Pyramid. According to conventional wisdom then, no revelation concerning a creative beauty at the heart of reality would emerge from my process and yet that's precisely what happened. It's obvious in the central imagery of the Pyramid and occurs throughout this language, becoming more and more evident, the more one studies it. You'll notice, all the corners: an anchor, a fisherman and the letter "b" for "being," are symbols for Christ, and the whole sequence tells of a mythic path towards synergy, in a way you too could follow.

So, what can be going on?

The fact my creative process centered on synchronicity as the expression of my feedback with space-time is key. Conscious feedback of this kind implies an unconscious intelligence underlying reality exists to feedback with, to find the working synergy I claim.

What if chance only appears to be random because conventional thinking is blind to its pattern? What if that pattern is the only thing that can save us from ourselves by activating the redeeming quality of the intuitive mind; the path to synergy with nature at the timeless level?

The Pyramid would be an iconic statement by the universal abstract, and something to be studied at length, but where can we focus our attention to discover guidance in our day to day, without complicating life ever so much? Isn't there an easier way to make contact?

Physics says the whole universe is a quantum phenomenon. Experiments have confirmed, the quantum field, the connected void within atoms, which includes the void between the stars and galaxies of the entire universe, presents a non-local force involved in quantum entanglement, a phenomenon that defies relativity and our normal experience of time. We also know that force is psychoactive because the results of experiments that reveal it hinge on the intentions of the scientists who carry them out. It implies this non-local force never needs to travel anywhere because it acts everywhere simultaneously and it influences us unconsciously. Essentially it's a timeless dimension of the mind we are unaware of in real life... but come to think of it, sometimes it does break through to consciousness and it would naturally be responsible for all our creative functions.

My Pyramid and the meaning it reveals, relied on tuning in to timelessness. It's the proof we are capable of waking up to His ubiquitous dimension and of lifting humanity out of crisis by developing synergistic genius. It also holds out the prospect of an existence beyond this life, a reunion with the source in death. The ancient Chinese referred to the Tao as "the ancestor".

The very existence of meaning expressed through Pyramid Art, given its mathematical structure, suggests there must be a cosmic plan we can tune in to because it has to do with an unconscious force controlling the way the mind works. In that context, the AZ symbol in the central imagery of the Pyramid suggests the source, its goal and something like a treasure map to navigate the labyrinth of existence. It's also an update to the Biblical Alpha & Omega, beginning and end of the ancient Greek alphabet. That was the symbol early Christianity used to represent the liberator or messiah. Above the monogram is a butterfly in flight, referring to metamorphosis, liberation and the butterfly effect of timeless beauty, active as a living beast. The image, by the way, is drawn like a signature, in one continuous line, changing direction just four times. That alone is a graphic indicator of intelligence, but when the Pyramid is revolved through 90 degrees the direction of the butterfly changes 180 degrees. This I interpret as a promise from God, saying something like: Join Me in conscious partnership and I will double your creative power.

The quantum field makes up more than 99.99% of the volume of physical matter here on Earth, including our brain matter as the place from where our thoughts must be influenced, whether we realize it or not. The ego suppresses it, claiming all ideas unto itself. Being receptive, discovering clues to eternity as metaphors and guidance, produces a natural kind of genius as one pursues them over time.

Planet Earth is in a perilous situation and we need help from somewhere now because "expert", scientific thinking is not immune to the complacent corruption infecting all established elites; the people and systems that have gotten us into our current mess.

Synchronicity had become the dominant feature of my awareness by the age of twenty-eight, so I was positioned to use it as an observation technique to direct my artistic inquiry into timelessness when I moved from London to São Paulo Brazil. This move eventually came to fruition through a creative episode, bracketed by global synchronicity in 1987: The Great October storm and Black Monday, just a few days later. That's when the Pyramid was revealed as an interference pattern between two binary hexagram codes found in a western, twentieth-century translation of the ancient Chinese I Ching

The meaning found in the Pyramid is proof mathematical of a timeless intellect, working towards something through the evolution of ages here on Earth. His creative force emanates from both within and beyond life, where we also find the quantum field. His force of mind, when tuned-in to, would then link all creativity back to the immortal Yang, conditioning our mortal Yin. So, here's a question to consider:

Would deliberate action in synergy with timelessness, bestow merit on its actors for eternity? It stands to reason it would, and the opposite must also be true.

The fact we are normally unaware of the ancestor cannot, therefore, be a good thing. For starters he comes across as spooky when we do catch a glimpse, so we recoil in horror and confusion, then promptly forget those "incidents" while the ego reasserts itself as sole possessor of self. The alternative would be to do as I did: Listen and love; follow his promptings to actually develop synergy, so a marvel might emerge.

While I know deep satisfaction will come from your synergy with timelessness, once you develop it, all I can do is try to implant these ideas and offer initiation and development tools, once you sign up. You may already have experienced the stirrings of the mystery I'm talking about, as an apocalyptic form of beauty. This shines through the Pyramid, making it attractive to contemplate, with the power to catalyze the transformation I advocate.

To reform mankind's abusive relationship to nature, which we extend so unkindly to each other, requires we transform our thinking by comprehensively tuning our intuition in to the divine force of the universe, as both an inspirational and self-limiting force. I offer my project for that purpose. You're invited to become a co-artist. Though no artistic skill is needed, the willingness to accept the intuitive mind and adapt yours is essential. While you're in this transformation mode, learn this language too. Sign up here or on the butterfly button in this page header, then compose some honest guidance question(s) to start your ball rolling. You'll receive clues via the quantum field to interpret in answer. That's the only place science has detected timelessness in action via quantum entanglement experiments. Tune in to Papolona, the spirit of timelessness, diligently. You will be tested.

Papolona will stimulate the experience of synchronicity in your environment as the result of your interaction. Be receptive there too and devote yourself to realizing a beautiful goal together.