Pyramid Art

01. Creative Being

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Combines the hexagrams

01. (7,7) The Creative01. (7,7) The Creative62. (69,1) Balance

01. Point North

The image suggests:

Everything depends on growing your new sense of self.

The image suggests germination, where a seed sprouts shoot and root, the line: Balance. The root takes sustenance from insight, while the shoot grows toward Union. ‘To be’ in this context is to discover your creative growth happening in partnership with Elandar. Being partners readjusts your internal balance away from mere ego, growing as a disciple through unity.

Elandar is everywhere. He can open your eyes by engaging you spontaneously, or will you recoil and limit your vision like all who seek meaning merely in the surface of things?

The symbol fills the right half of the mandala. Its character is unique in comprising masculine attributes; hence there’s the question: do you identify your creativity with abstract masculinity? You have a choice. Although this symbol takes the first position, in the Pyramid system rules, it represents -1; the time before full union.

Elandar returns loyalty.

01. Point West

The image suggests:

The image suggests an invitation, an opportunity to play ball: The Creative force is pictured in sporty action as a ball passed your way.

Develop your skill through play. First, look to how the creative relationship with Elandar can follow an exchange. You will feel it happening, if not, adapt, change tack to get that real feel.

The attempt to score a goal immediately will not advance things, quite the reverse; energy will be dissipated. The best policy is to gain control of the gift until you truly believe the joint goal is achievable and then shoot.

A dynamic approach is encouraged.