Pyramid Art

21. The Essential

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Combines the hexagrams

28. (2,3) Critical Mass23. (1,8) Deterioration32. (69,3) Continuing12. (7,8) Stagnation60. (4,2) Limitation

21. Point North

The image suggests:

The symbol suggests receptivity to guidance revealed in the now moment informed from your experience of past events. ‘r’ rises as ‘n’ descends.

Everything relies on timing. Elandar knows the limits and shapes opportunities through feedback. But there is a right time to act. Recognizing that time and offering your self the freedom to act liberates.

The lower case letters ‘n’ - ‘r’, suggest your personal direction and receptivity, reading the signs.
The direction taken now is crucial.

There is no time but the eternal present.

21. Point West

The image suggests:

The symbol ‘infinity’ is synonymous with timelessness. Here it’s below suggesting it underpins everything. It indicates arrows left & right (L&R- Elandar) meeting in the now moment.

On the left the code letter ‘S’, on the right ‘L’ above suggest creativity growing or emanating from the source, guided by stimulation and insight.

Elandar inspires in the now moment. Synergy rises like a tide in life if insights from him are followed.

The combination of hexagrams suggests limitations of power and reach. There is a right time for action, but it’s your intuitive call. There’s the need for receptively tuning-in through feedback to get that timeline right. Conditioning yourself to act in synergy is a skill to be learned.

Act decisively with devotion.