Pyramid Art

05. Desire

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Combines the hexagrams

55. (69,5) Zenith09. (3,7) Restrained50. (5,3) Cosmic Order09. (3,7) Restrained35. (5,8) Progress

05. Point North

The image suggests:

The letter ‘N’ represents guidance. A compass naturally points north. The spirit of Elandar expressed through the Jewel Mandala offers you insight through pursuit of metamorphosis. As partners, we sustain each other.

Elandar dwells within. Wake him, question him, and value the relationship as it gives meaning to everything.

I desire something difficult to obtain. Will you share in it?

05. Point West

The image suggests:

If ‘A’ suggests the Abstract, the origin; the beginning, ‘Z’ suggests the goal and Elandar’s evolution in you.

He depends on your desire to pursue feedback to become manifest in the world. His ultimate desire is a fruitful synergy, a revolution in evolution, but not at any price. Economy of action is a measure of respect.

Naturally, you want positive evolution for a happy and meaningful life, your relationships to people and Elandar, but the future arrives as a shock. Meaning and opportunity are offered, but to be imparted Elandar needs your sincerity and trust; without them, how can he confer an advantage you can only guess at?

The codes:
7Y suggests a reason for creativity.
ZC suggests the ultimate society.
ZV suggests the wisdom of synergy.

Elandar awaits your commitment.