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Art of Sensitisation

The ancient Chinese referred to the sublime experience of nature's timeless beauty as "Spiritual Nourishment".

A timeless force is now known to exist, but the rational mind is blind to it in real life, and sensitivity so weak, we only experience it through intuition.

Einstein said: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society where we honour the servant and ignore the gift"

We can only change that society to truly honour the sacred and return the servant to the role of support worker, by sensitising intuition and generating evidence for the true value of the gift.

For the purpose of statistical comparison Papolona will employ a program of intuitive "sensitisation", on the basis of self selection with two sensitised and one non-sensitised player groups.

In other words, on joining this art/science crossover, game-experiment you may opt to sensitize your intuition or not. It's up to you. However your choice will position you in a group to which your data will be added so your performance can be used as evidence.

The primary sensitised group uses "t" stone meditation with Jewel Mandala contemplation. The advanced, secondary group will sensitise through the Pyramid language in addition. Players may advance through the groups at will, but retreat isn't possible; hence the decision to advance must not be taken lightly.

Players may book their initiation course with a local coach or may travel to France, where the course and workshop is offered free with your purchase of original Pyramid art.