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What is

Papolona provides signposts. A sense of harmony with nature comes to us if only now and then, in moments of magic we tend to dismiss as coincidental. Evidence shows something worthwhile grows from following this timeless experience to somewhere.

Guidance Questions

Is something troubling you in life? Put it into words. Ask a question Papolona can help clarify.

What is a Gudiance Question?

Guidance Questions are the building blocks of your Papolona experience. Think about where you want to be, and why. Write questions that if answered would offer life direction.

What questions should I ask?

A suitable Guidance Question is one that when answered will guide you through an issue causing grief or confusion.

Some suitable examples:

  • Should I follow my dream of becoming an actress?
  • How do I overcome the anxious and insecure feelings I have all the time?
  • How can I help my cousin escape his unhappiness?

Some unsuitable examples

  • Where is my pet dog who ran off yesterday?
  • What should I cook for dinner?
  • How can I win the lottery?

How many Guidance Questions can I ask?

There is no limit to how many Guidance Questions a player may ask. However there is a limit to how many open Guidance Questions are allowed depending on your user type. The default amount is 15. Guidance Questions should be completed and closed to make room for new ones.

Hiding a Guidance Question

Guidance Question treatment can be hidden, but once it is created, it becomes part of the experiment so must be included in the content of the website. However players may hide sensitive treatments. You can block the question from being displayed along with your Commitment Claims.

Other treatments can be hidden separately. But if you hide all your treatments of the question, players cannot review or relate to your journey. If other players don't relate to you, they're less likely to vote positively on your Synergy Claim if and when you make one.


Players may close a Guidance Question they have treated if one Result Claim is added to it.

Can I delete a Guidance Question?

You can remove/delete a Guidance Question if it is untreated. Content becomes part of the experiment once you have added it to a question (such as Life Tale Entries). If a Guidance Question has been treated you can hide it, but not remove it.

Papolona Oracles

These are the main building blocks of the game/experiment.

Building a Papolona Oracle

There's a strict process to follow when building your Papolona Oracle reading. Through it, stimulus from the timeless quantum force can guide your intuition and overcome ego's dominance of your mind to bring out your guiding feedback. Each step must be completed before the next can be initiated. Also, one oracle reading must complete before you're allowed to start a new Papolona Oracle.

Step 1: Select an emblem

Three unique butterfly emblems have been created. Choose one. It will remain as the visual representation of this Papolona Oracle reading.

Step 2: Create your interpretations

Begin by generating the first quantum string of clues, to stimulate your intuition. A string of characters is created, controlled by the quantum timeless force. Use your intuition to interpret the string. Meaning will suggest itself by splitting the characters into pairs or combinations, forming words or the sounds of words, sometimes spelled backwards.

Type your interpretation, using shorthand if you wish. Then, once you are satisfied it is complete, extract the essential meaning and type that into the extract field. The extract re-appears in another part of the process so it's important to get that right.

Once you're happy, commit, then the following quantum string console will appear.

Step 3: Column interpretations

The only difference when generating your interpretations and the extracts for the quantum string columns is they can be treated in any order.

Step 4: Left and Right wing deductions.

On completion of your quantum string interpretations, the left wing deduction must be made from the sum of row extracts, while the right wing deduction is made from the sum of column extracts. The statement you compose from extracts appearing above your entry pane will require some manipulation to make "poetic sense."

Step 5: Fusion

Once you have committed your left and right wing deductions you must then create a final fusion statement. It consists of your 'fusion' of both left and right wing deductions. Once you are satisfied with it you'll commit the entire reading.

Step 6: Commit - Keyword

On completion of your oracle reading, commit the entire thing. You'll be asked to provide a keyword. You may refer back to your work if it helps you choose one. If at any future time the keyword you've chosen matches with one from another player's oracle, you'll be informed.

Step 7: Claim Feedback

The final step is your Feedback Claim. If the Oracle provided you with valuable feedback, claim it here. There are 4 choices.

  • The oracle provided you with feedback for the question it is attached to.
  • The oracle provided you with feedback for one of your other guidance questions (any one of your questions).
  • The oracle provided you with feedback posing a new question.
  • You perceived no feedback guidance at all.

Your Oracle reading is now published on Papolona Guru. Your account will be updated and notification added to the general news feed. If you made a feedback claim for the first time, the universe now exhibits your upgraded new star.

Remember you can hide the content of your oracle reading via the options edit function or reveal it again any time you choose.

What is a Papolona Oracle

The Papolona Oracle allows you to interact with the timelessness force of the quantum field. The immortal spirit of nature, is a presence 24/7. It influences your unconscious mind 24/7. The Oracle provides guiding intuitions from the force. The Oracle is your personal interface to develop your conscious synergy relationship with the force.


Because the experiment is designed as a game we refer to contributors as players.

Active Players/Members

Active players have full access to the network. On registration, initially you are a non-active player. To become active you must ask a guidance question, then complete one oracle and share it with the Papolona community.

How do I become a player?

To join the experiment register as a player. Registration is simple and free.


Commitment Claim

At some point during or after treating your question, you may decide the process has offered you prescriptive direction you want to follow. You must then, in the spirit of the experiment, document your commitment to following guidance. Make your claim from the question dashboard

Result Claim

Feedback Claim

Each time you treat a question using the Papolona Oracle, a claim is made in the process. You will be asked if you experienced feedback. Feedback is defined as any helpful guidance the oracle provided you with in relation to a question.


Verified vs Un-Verified

When a player claims synergy, initially it is deemed an Un-Verified synergy claim. This is to prevent mistaken synergy claims corrupting the experimental data. For a Synergy Claim to become Verified, the claim must receive a certain number of votes.

The ultimate objective for Papolona players, following in the spirit of the experiment, is become Verified Synergy players.

A description of the voting process

From the View Synergy Claim page, any Verified Synergy player can vote Accept or Reject. Players are duty bound to research the player's content, in the spirit of the experiment, to vote fairly. When eligible players vote Reject they are required to submit a reason why they Reject the synergy claim. The claiming player is able to view these reasons. All voting players remain anonymous.

Each vote by a player is worth 1 point and admin votes are worth 10 points. These are added to the score for an Accept vote and subtracted from the score for a Reject. In order for a Synergy claim to be verified, its combined score must be greater than zero and at least 10 worth of voting points. EG If a Synergy Claim has 12 Accept points - 10 Reject points the result is 2. This is more than zero (more Accept points) and would be deemed Verified.

Retracting a Synergy Claim

A player may receive a number of Reject votes for a Synergy Claim once it is lodged. After reviewing the reasons given for negative votes, a player may decide to withdraw the claim.

If a Synergy claim has at least 20 and 70% Reject votes, the player may opt to withdraw the Claim and concentrate renewed energy to gather more potent evidence to share.

Getting Verified

Once a Synergy claim has been lodged, other players with Verified Synergy status including the site administrator, can vote on it.

Each vote has a score value. Verified Synergy is determine by this score. Because verified player voting can adjust the score both positively and negatively players can shift between Verified and Un-Verified.

Players are notified via email when their Synergy Claim becomes Verified and Un-Verified.


Lost password

Lost passwords can be reset here

Tutorial Reset

When a player first starts to use they are presented with a series of tutorial message as a guide to getting started. Each tutorial message is viewed only once, then it is no longer displayed. A player can reset tutorial messages to display again.

To reset the tutorial message go to My -> Account Options -> Reset Tutorial Messages.

Edit Details

From the My page, a player may edit and update their account details.

Various links allow you to edit your email account, avatar and other information.

Life Tale

Life Tale Entries