Pyramid Art

10. Creative Judgment

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Combines the hexagrams

62. (69,1) Balance10. (7,2) Conduct01. (7,7) The Creative61. (3,2) Inner Truth01. (7,7) The Creative

10. Point North

The image suggests:

The crucifix represents death and the afterlife, a divine, timeless spirit in man. The letter d suggests the inevitability of your own death, the source of your own inspiration at one with Elandar; our participation in the collectivity of spirit.

The code ‘b7’ is an instruction to be creative, but it also suggests you are a channel for creativity arriving from the source… become open to its offering. Act on something now requiring your judgement.

The code 04 (danger) inverted suggests safety and certainty. OIL represents fuel sustaining and poisoning civilization. Human creativity must understand its limits in order to break through with balanced creativity.

Address the problem now.

10. Point West

The image suggests:

F – O suggests feedback shows-up with clarity. In photography the F-stop refers to the amount of light allowed-in to the camera by the physical limitations of the lens. The smaller the F numbers the more light can enter. Here the metaphor suggests maximum enlightenment goes beyond the physical. Both F and O belong to the twin arousing attribute 69, Stimulation-Insight. Your judgement is the product of enlightenment your experience has acquired.

Compare this to the related first symbol (01) the Creative (ball) was passed to you there. Here the ball is shown in a golf game played against par (against nature). The picture shows an easy putt, ‘a gimme’ that is fruit of our partnership.

When your judgement is nailed, the goal becomes simple, but you must still strike the ball.

Acquire confidence through play.