Pyramid Art

14. Authority

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Combines the hexagrams

04. (1,4) Inexperience14. (5,7) Sovereignty41. (1,2) Decline37. (3,5) Family63. (4,5) Achievement

14. Point North

The image suggests:

The code IE suggests all that is. The code ‘1E’ suggests 1= first and E= fire, the first fire. The letter E also mirrors the symbol for beauty (12). Here a different kind of lightning strikes synergy from all that is.

The code ‘L’ ‘S’ suggests dynamic, masculine force, reflecting the abstract origin. Creative actions arise from motives, an internal fusion within our working self. The masculine (L) must work on something, just as fire must cling to something. This something, when decided in synergy with the timeless source, expresses his first fire, his greatness in you.

The letter ‘Z’ spinning anti-clockwise suggests an influence moving back in time from the goal to the now via the timeless dimension. Elandar's capacity is synonymous with the afterlife, our union with nature. He can only harmonize when you act on advice you give yourself from there... seeing the connection to nature embodied by ideas and circumstances of reality.

When inspiration comes, don’t sit on your hands.

Elandar brings synergy through direction.

14. Point West

The image suggests:

Joy and Satisfaction enters consciousness indirectly when your judgement accommodates Elandar.

‘Z’ spinning anti-clockwise becomes ‘N’, direction to your goal induced by the influence of time and events.

I'm your partner.