Pyramid Art

31. Maturity

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Combines the hexagrams

42. (3,69) Benefit36. (8,5) Censorship63. (4,5) Achievement17. (2,69) Adapting23. (1,8) Deterioration

31. Point North

The image suggests:

The baring of teeth occurs in acts of courage and in those carried through with determination, but to act well also takes aptness or talent. Here the sunken teeth suggest the establishment of something nourishing.

The pointed teeth suggest a smile, while the lip indicates, imparting insight through speech; challenging ideas expressed in good humour.

The logo VW (the people’s car) suggests a vehicle not obviously designed to float, but that it can, given its legendary build quality.

Above the logo is the Roman number six, referring to a rising intuitive Stimulation, which results from partnership conditioned by Elandar.

Civilization is a joint enterprise with nature. Everything comes back to the land and resources and limitation. Let’s make wise choices on our deployment.
There are, apparently as many roads as there are individuals, but in truth there is only one destination… one grand design. All roads lead to Rome.
Here’s the antidote to strife and meaninglessness.

31. Point West

The image suggests:

‘B’- ‘Being’, is capitalized, referring to the first symbol, the seed image ‘b’. The seed has now grown to maturity. Far from being pompous and stale in its ‘old age’ it appears in its prime, projecting energy, confidence and majesty. The upper, enlarged (mind) bulge captures the sixth attribute, suggesting a situation where intuitive insight arrives to counterbalance the material deficiencies of age as the result of hard won experience.

Now the real work begins.