Pyramid Art

04. Inspiration

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Combines the hexagrams

40. (69,4) Liberation04. (1,4) Inexperience40. (69,4) Liberation10. (7,2) Conduct48. (4,3) The Source

04. Point North

The image suggests:

The image refers to sensory stimulus, sound sight and the exhilaration of speed. The beauty you perceive in signs and sounds will lead you to a new understanding of timelessness and his purpose. There are moments of liberation when hidden truth is revealed through your partnership with eternity… when you feel you’re racing on together when your inner eye opens to break through barriers.

Elandar is everywhere, both far and near, past and future, east and west, outside and inside. To connect with him requires not a shift of location, so much as of vision.

Don’t worry about trivial mistakes. Get going. Everything contributes.

A new kind of freedom is found.

Conventional limits can be breached.

04. Point West

The image suggests:

The mountain image with peak obscured symbolizes a challenging goal attracting from afar; the mysterious promise of the ultimate goal. The determination required to achieve the ascent, also the anticipated exhilaration of the journey, motivates but causes concern.

The horizontal line (Conduct) suggests a cloud barrier obscuring the goal. The cloud symbolizes transcendence of normal vision to achieve a new sense of being, dependent on finding what lies hidden. There’s a small triangle above the cloud, suggesting the Pyramid opens the Promised Land.

‘A’ represents the beginning, also the origin and best. ‘A’ is seen in three positions, like a pendulum in motion; time and timing. As you follow Elandar, since he transcends time, you fall into synergy with time in the real world, as a new perception of beauty comes to you. Synergistic action tuned through such experience shows you the route.

The path to follow becomes revealed only as you pursue it.