Pyramid Art

25. Inner Course

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Combines the hexagrams

43. (2,7) Breakthrough27. (1,69) Sustenance08. (4,8) Union33. (7,1) Refuge59. (3,4) Dissemination

25. Point North

The image suggests:

This symbol occupies the central gravity of the Pyramid. ‘N & D’ sounds like the spoken word ‘end’ suggesting Elandar works towards a goal. End also suggests death or a life after death as a goal. DNA is obvious shorthand for evolutionary roots; the material code of life perpetuating into the future, with all its adaptive power. These ideas together suggest planned transformation.

The letter ‘N’ symbolizes a compass and the point of reference by which to navigate. ‘D’ symbolizes the mysterious, perilous attribute; i.e. we navigate for a purpose fully aware that we’ll get to the destination only by recognizing and avoiding perils that are essential to the journey. Here D confers an additional meaning as it also indicates the goal of the journey (the timeless Dimension). ‘N’ points to the East, to the abstract origin, the dawn, or awakening.

Life with all its twists and turns is a highly complex, evolving set of circumstances beyond the rational power of computation. At the same time, everything is connected to the timeless dynamic because everything reflects the unity of the abstract spirit: Elandar. Even our genetic code (DNA) is part of this hidden equation sustaining transformative direction.

Elandar conditions your present and our collective future.

Ask, listen and follow to accelerate out of trouble.

25. Point West

The image suggests:

The image couples the alphabetic beginning and end, symbolizing the universal origin and goal.
Biblically, God expressed his character in terms of the alphabet: “I am the beginning and the end”, in a time when the book was written in Greek. Today we use the Roman alphabet.

Our human state, trapped in time, is a facet of a timeless universal state of being. Our timeless state, our afterlife state, exists as our channel to the source of nature itself, trapped within the quantum field.

Elandar seeks satisfaction by offering you guidance, while you potentially offer him expression.

This image is central to the Pyramid, revealing a truth and meaning behind the feedback synergy on which the entire Pyramid is founded.

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