Pyramid Art

34. The Universal

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Combines the hexagrams

42. (3,69) Benefit39. (4,1) Obstruction29. (4,4) Danger47. (2,4) Adversity54. (69,2) Affection

34. Point North

The image suggests:

The code V - b - o suggests our intelligence is connected to the void and the source of universal mind.

The rocket on the ground suggests both the Universal being has landed and epic exploration, the trip of your life to the final frontier, the inner frontier and timeless spirit of the universe, available through your innate connection to eternity.

The disciple climbs aboard Elandar via the pursuit of guidance. V, b-o also suggests V stinks i.e., Elandar does not play by rules. However, the universe is a dangerous place. Insights, however painfully produced, are needed to gain wisdom.

Overcoming small problems strengthens you for what’s coming next.

34. Point West

The image suggests:

The hand written words ‘on’ and ‘so’ fill the JM. This sounds like the phrase “and so-on”, endless continuation. This seems like a suggestion from Elandar, to put eternity into your mind and approach him in practice: So (are we) on? He’s ready to take you on board.

The focus on danger and mystery reinforces the idea of stimulus designed to guide you around danger.

The number 401 suggests caution when acting in synergy (see image 15).

Proximity to Danger brings Elandar to the rescue.